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Sep 26, 2012 01:34 AM

Chocolate Shop(s) in london (not chocolatiers)


I'm looking for a good shop in London that sells chocolate (bars especially) from the best chocolate makers. Specifically, a place that sells Amedei, Domori, etc. is what I'm looking for. I've found plenty of information on chocolatiers in London, but none on stores that sell a selection of high quality chocolate from different makers.

The store wouldn't have to be dedicated solely to chocolate-I'm fine with a larger store (for food or even more) that happens to sell products from Amedei and the like. I'd also like to avoid getting completely ripped off.


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  1. Selfridges Food Hall is probably your best bet...

    Most of the dedicated choc shops will focus on own/one brand. The bottom line is that its too easy to temper a slab of couverture, drop it into a mold and mark it up to bother with other peoples!

    1. Whole Foods at Kensington High St. has a large selection of chocolate bars. I don't indulge very often but think I've seen Amedei there but you could call to check. As mentioned, Selfridge's is also very good.

      1. Thank you both! I looked at the online catalog for Selfridges and didn't see amedei, but I'm desperate enough to hope that they'll have it if I drop by. I'll definitely check out whole foods also.

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          Yes they do amadei at selfridges. chuao and all that lot.

          I think Paul Young also uses Amadei for his couverture so may well sell (or at least to sell) his bars in his shop - not other brands though.


        2. Paul A Young sell a range of very good chocolate, not just bars he makes himself but also some from top quality producers. He used to sell Amadei but not sure if he does now. However, easiest way to check is to tweet him, he's reasonably active on twitter.

          His chocolate brownies are amazing and of course, his chocolates are superb. The newest shop is on Wardour Street so very central.

          Harvey Nicols also sells good quality chocolate. I know they were selling Amano last year, no idea if still are.

          The Amano Dos Rios bar is my single favourite bar in the world, even above the Amadei bars and those are very good. I'm not as keen on all their bars, some are great, some are beaten by other brands. But their Dos Rios is just fantastic.

          If you're looking for other chocolatiers, not for bars but for chocolates, do say.

          1. Pierre Marcolini at Selfridges or Verde & Co. (Spitalfields).

            Rabot Estate, especially the Chuao or Dash of Milk. (Did a blind tasting of a bunch of chocolates a while ago with a bunch of chowhounds, and several Amadei and Domori bars performed poorly...well at least that vintage...Rabot Estate's Chuao which we tasted later on a separate occasion thrilled us.)

            Michel Cluizel can be found at Whole Foods, among other places.

            Have seen Pralus in a bunch of places, including Cave London on Bermondsey Street (they have had the Porcelana iirc in the past).

            The Algerian Coffee Store in Soho has a number of chocolates, some interesting Spanish producers iirc.