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Sep 26, 2012 12:13 AM

Berlin: anything new I should try in Mitte?

Back in Berlin after a year away, and planning a nice (but not bank-breaking) Saturday night dinner out with German friends coming in from Hamburg. Curious if anything new has opened worth checking out? A nice atmosphere and decent wine list would be a plus.

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  1. Go to Lokal in the Linienstra├če if you haven't been yet...fabulous (local) food, solid wines and great service.
    Kopps also has a very good vegan brunch (not usually my thing, but I found this brunch to be much more interesting than most of the other Mitte/P'Berg places).

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      1. re: newyorkberlin

        Not sure if this catches you too late, but some very worthy contenders in Mitte:

        3 Minutes
        Katz Orange
        Zum Schwarzen Hasen
        Toca Rouge
        Good Time (ok, not that new, but still very good Thai food)

        Guten Hunger!

        1. re: linguafood

          Just went to Katz Orange for the first time last night and it was fantastic!! (And so much better than Maxwell's in my opinion). I was underwhelmed by 3 minutes, although I had high hopes...

          1. re: schmerj

            You know, I've only been to 3 minutes once, just out of curiosity. I'd gone to Bandol twice, and the second time I've had such a dreadful experience with service (attitude mostly), I never went back.

            The salad with seared duck breast and the bouillabaisse are the only things I can comment on, and they were good. Also, service was much less pretentious -- hard to come by in Mitte.

            That said, I'd likely visit any of the other places before I'd got back, simply for value reasons.

            I suppose perhaps I should've put 3 minutes at the end.

            Katz Orange is one of my favorite places these days. That pork.... those fries....

            1. re: linguafood

              I did make it to Katz Orange--a fun atmosphere, excellent fries and a nice salad--and also really enjoyed Lokal. Thanks again for the recommendations! I look forward to trying some of the others you mention when I'm back in town.

              One warning--stay away from Pauly Saal in the maedchen schule. A truly terrible meal--undercooked chicken and freezer spinach reheated in le cruset pots--not to mention painfully slow service, douchey clientele, and an enormous bill at the end. This space deserves much better.

              My best meal this time in Berlin was back at that old favorite, Renger-Patszch, in Schoeneberg. A rabbit dish wrapped in bacon, served with fried sage and polenta fritters--astonishingly good, even better than I remember. And still unpretentious.

              1. re: newyorkberlin

                Sounds like two 'hounds were descending upon both Katz and RP in the last couple nights -- you wouldn't happen to know each other? :-)

                I've read too much about Pauly Saal to be interested, as it sounded exactly how you describe it: sub-par food at ludicrous prices. Bummer.

                Glad to hear RP continues to deliver! It's one of my go-to places for good German food, even though it's not in my Kiez at all.

                1. re: newyorkberlin

                  Wonderful! Glad to hear you enjoyed Lokal and Katz Orange! I can't wait to try more of the cocktails at Katz Orange.

                  @linguafood: I agree that 3 minutes is not nearly as pretentious as Bandol and they do serve a decent á la carte breakfast on the weekend until 4pm! (I'm sick of all the brunch buffets) ...and they do a mean croque madame :) Still, the one dinner I had there was...well...lacking.

                  Pauly Saal is such a disappointment. Really a shame... The deli in the same building is not bad, but I've had much better (and cheaper) reubens in the states at some little, smoky hole-in-the-wall place!