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Sep 25, 2012 11:02 PM

Auberge des Ruines-Jumièges [Normandy]

For those among us interested in a country side getaway you may be pleased with this place, the Auberge des Ruins ( It is directly across the street from the amazing ruins of the former Benedictine abbey in Jumièges, a small village on a loop of the Seine near Rouen. Ms. L. and I visited it for an enjoyable lunch combined with a visit to the ruins and were more than pleased. The chef is only in his mid-thirties but has mastered his techniques under Marc Veyrat and is dedicated to quality products of the region and Normandy has quality products in spades. The decor is pleasant; blond wood, mirrors, fire place, many windows and a choice of about three different dining areas. Our serving staff were all pleasant young women, with a good grasp of the menu. We chose the Menu Détente at €52 which is 5 courses with 2 choices of an entrée, fish, meat, and dessert with a cheese cart as well. There are also beautiful little amuse bouches, palate cleansers and mignardises. You can see the courses on the website, but our particular favorites were the langoustine entrée and both meat dishes, the rack of lamb with unusual beet gnocchi and the pigeon roasted with a herb crust and girolles. My guess is that this same quality meal served in Paris would be at least double the cost.

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  1. Great to know. Merci, LB.

    1. I've been to the Abbey, which is lovely. I imagine combing a visit there with a delicious lunch makes for a lovely outing.

      1. Many thanks for this address. (I'd go just for the beet gnocchi!)

        (Is it possible for you to add Rouen to the title for search purposes?)

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          I don't see this option; if someone could walk me through the process I would be happy to do so. If not perhaps the moderators could do it.

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            It is not thaaaat near Rouen. It is nearer Rouen than Paris, certes…
            But be nice if at least Normandy were in the title.

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              We added [Normandy] to the thread title.

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                Whoa, thank you, TCT, for being for responsive.
                And how about reinstating the word "search" in the search function box? An overwhelming majority of newcomers to this board don't find it, and you strictly do not want it mentioned either. TCT wouldn't be discouraging searches by any chance?