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Sep 25, 2012 08:29 PM

Yonge/Avenue Rd and Bloor?

Looking for a fun, delish dinner near the subway, not too fancy/pricey. All I can think of is Caren's or sushi...suggestions?

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  1. Koyoi is an unassuming izakaya with good to very good food. It's not flashy like Guu, but I really enjoyed the dishes I had there. It's at Yonge and Irwin.

    1. if yonge & summerhill isn't too far, the terroni's (upstairs) or bar centrale (downstairs) is fun. i prefer bar centrale but it's definitely more cramped on the lower level. upstairs, the terroni's menu is the regular terroni's menu (which i 'like', don't love) but the space is really nice upstairs and good for a group.