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Sep 25, 2012 07:44 PM

Lazy in Yountville or nearby - Thanksgiving

I will be in Yountville, first time in many, many years, this Thanksgiving. I really only want to relax and eat well; have had a very trying year at work and otherwise, so the less I do the better. I've made a reservation at Redd for Friday. What would be a tasty-but-easy contrast to Redd on Thanksgiving itself? Bistro Jeanty? Other options?

I live in San Francisco and this will be my only weekend to unwind prior to the Christmas whirl-and-swirl.

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  1. The pickings are slim at Thanksgiving, since so many people cook and eat at home here.

    That said, here is a link to all the threads on Thanksgiving in Napa Valley for all the years Chowhound has been around. Two threads -- with the same inquiry as yours -- have no answer.

    Your best bets: Brix in Yountville (that's what I'd do were I you, and I just ate there tonight), Farm at the Carneros Inn (I bet that T-Day is nice in that beautiful dining room), Silverado Country Club (not appealing to me), Meadowood (very classy and probably good; beautiful woodsy setting perfect for T-Day), and Auberge du Soleil ($$$$ and possibly on the terrace).

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      Thank you! I had searched and noticed the paucity of answers in past threads, but thought I'd roll the dice and see if anyone had additional ideas. For some reason I hadn't thought of Brix at all. That may work best.

    2. To follow up, I just got home from a very relaxing couple of days in Yountville.

      We ended up having Thanksgiving dinner at Brix, which was a perfect choice. I had turkey and my dining companion had salmon. We were both pleased. I also had the wine pairing, good but big pours, too much wine for me. The atmosphere was festive. Probably the only slight negative was the service was a bit rushed. Maybe because they were so busy? In any case, this was a very good choice. Thank you, maria lorraine.

      Bistro Jeanty and Hurley's were also open. And a few other restaurants too that I saw as I walked off dinner that evening.

      Next day we had a quick lunch at La Luna Market in Rutherford. Great tacos. This might have been my favorite spot of the trip.

      Also had dinner at Redd, which was excellent. I had the risotto with lobster and then the New York steak. After that decadence, I'm happy to skip Christmas dinner this year. My dining companion especially loved the duck confit salad. I'd like to return for the tasting menu sometime.

      Weather was beautiful--clear blue skies and warm! I went swimming on Thanksgiving afternoon. Enjoyed tasting wines and snacks at Yountville's Festival of Lights too. Napa Valley is a splendid place to spend the holiday.

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      1. re: Leely2

        Sounds great. Glad you enjoyed it. Brix, under certain circumstances, can be terrific. And I've had the lobster risotto at Redd -- I've never forgotten how absolutely perfect it was. Glad to see you make it to La Luna also. You hit some great spots, Leely! Thanks for the feedback.