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Sep 25, 2012 06:41 PM


Coming to the cities for a few days. Couldn't find any recomendations for great bakery's - particuarliy a great croissant and coffee

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  1. Seriously? Use the Chowhound search to make your choice from any of the following:
    Patisserie 46
    Salty Tart
    A Baker's Wife

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    1. re: KTFoley

      Thankyou! I do remember hearing about a couple of these in an article somewhere...we'll definately try one out.

      1. re: KTFoley

        Awww, KT - don't ding 000jaden because a chowhound search didn't find the required info - chowhound's search function is SERIOUSLY lame. Or, to put it nicely, a huge waste of time and code.

        Me, I haven't had a croissant for years, but I second all of your recommendations for the above bakeries, which are the best in town. If I were hankering for a croissant, I'd head to Rustica first, but I'd probably get a koign amann instead.

        Speaking of HeavyTable (which IS worth its weight in time, code, and even gold), here's their recent report on a few local croissants.

        1. re: KTFoley

          I will add on Bars Bakery in St. Paul for croissants. Love them!

        2. If you find yourself in Minne on a Saturday, I would highly recommend going to the Mill City Farmers Market next to the Guthrie theater. Search out Solomon's Bakery among the stands, their chocolate croissants are amongst the best in the city, and their plain is pretty good too, but my new favorite is the spinach and three cheese croissant...heavenly perfection.

          Salty Tart also has a stand there, so don't forget to nail two birds with one stone! There is a coffee vendor there too.

          P.S. Can't wait for Solomon to open a branch in Uptown next month near 28th & Hennepin!

          1. Trung Nam is a Vietnamese/French place on University that in my opinion makes the best croissants in the Twin Cities and possibly the world. You can eat there, but it is significantly low on atmosphere, so maybe this isn't the best suggestion if you want an elegant sit-down. So I second Bars.

            1. Patisserie 46 trumps every place else in my book.

              1. I think it depends on what you mean by "great". You won't find a great croissant in the Twin Cities when judged against great croissants in the world. They don't compare to France, and they don't compare to the best that some other US cities have to offer. That said, there are very croissants available - many of the suggestions given below (including Patisserie 46, Rustica, Trung Nam) and a couple of others - Pardon My French in Eagan, and Patrick's bakery (Richfield? Edina?). It really just depends on where your expectations are set.

                For coffee, Kopplin's Coffee in St. Paul is excellent, and serves Rustica products.