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Sep 25, 2012 06:33 PM

Good Food at West Lombard Street and South Charles Street: For Lunch

I will be in this area for the next year or so. Does anyone have recommendations for Lunch? Everything down here seems to be hidden inside a building. I guess, I'm asking which walk is worth walking and where would you go to eat a decent meal.Thank you.

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  1. A couple of blocks north is B&O Brasserie, in the Hotel Monaco. I've only had dinner there - always excellent - but I'm sure lunch is good, too.

    1. My office is one block from the intersectuion you name. There's shockingly little that's good right downtown on the harbor, although chains are abundant. A few places that are very nearby:

      B&O, mentioned by Zevonista below. Excellent for lunch, a little pricy as it's a nice restaurant.
      Food trucks, either on North Charles between Lombard and Redwood or on Commerce St between Pratt and Lombard. (Kooper's, Gypsy Queen, the Korean one, probably others).
      Rosina Gourmet, located in the back of 300 East Lombard.

      A little farther afield, but still walkable:
      East: Cafe Gia and Isabella's Brick Oven Pizza and Panini (Little Italy); Attman's (Jewish deli)
      West: Lexington Market (Faidley's for oysters or crabcakes, Mary Mervis for sandwiches); Trinacria (excellent and inexpensive Italian delicatessan, preserved in aspic from 1950s).

        1. re: tartuffe

          Cazbar is very good, 5-10 mins walk north of Lombard and Charles. A little farther north and right off Charles St is Shapiro's Cafe (falafel, schwarma and surpisingly good corned beef), a few doors away from Soup's On.