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Sep 25, 2012 05:51 PM

Best Dishes in Downtown Austin

I will be in downtown Austin for two days and I was wondering what the best dishes are in town in case I have time to go somewhere. No restrictions except that geography is unfortunately limited to downtown.

It can be in a hole in the wall or nice place, I really don't care. Think of it as "don't leave downtown without trying...". I know absolutely nothing about the dining scene except I really wanted to do bbq at the meccas but that ain't happening this time. Thanks.

Edit - with the above being said, any great mexican you can point me to would be especially appreciated.

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  1. Just go to Swift's Attic and order about 6 or 7 things. You'll be in good hands there.

    1. Alot of it is dependent on what time of day and which days you are going to be downtown. There are alot of great food trailers downtown, but many of them open up Thurs-Sat nights. Chilantro (Korean/Mexican) does lunch usually downtown and you can find where they are on their twitter feed. If you are here on at night, I'm fond of the following trailers: Naan Stop, Halal Guys, Miguel's Cubano, Llama's Peruvian Creole, Kebalicious.
      I like Royal Blue Grocery... they do quick hot sandwiches and alot of local foods... you can pop in there and get a local beer/cider, jam jar, empanada, brownie, coffee, etc... its good, quick, and fun.
      Delish is a good downtown cupcake shop... Daily Juice which is a great local juice (I think sandwich) shop opened up a new location next door to Delish... so if I had to grab a quick lunch, I'd head there and get lunch/dessert combo.

      Swift's Attic is supposed to be amazing. We have reservations for Restaurant Week and I can't wait to try it. I really like Second at Congress. They have some fun chicken fried olives that are usually pretty tasty. Congress is the high end restaurant that gets alot of accolades and Second is their bistro side which I personally like a bit better. I'm quite fond of Parkside and their more casual companion restaurant, Backspace. Backspace is a small Italian pizza place which is amazing to tuck in if you can grab a table. They do some other things beyond pizza, but I really like it there. Parkside has a really great happy hour menu... they take pride in their fresh oysters and they have a nice deal on them during HH. Beyond that, Parkside has become our 'to go' place when we have people in town and want to take them somewhere nice in the heart of downtown. We haven't had a bad meal there yet and we've been about a half dozen times.
      I'm also grown into a fan of Easy Tiger. It's a combination bakery/beer garden. You can pop in the morning and grab a pastry and coffee, lunch for a sandwich to go(you can also eat there), and dinner with a great beer/sausage/sandwich.

      1. Thanks everyone. Made it to Swift's Attic and really enjoyed it. Every dish I had there was great. Nothing really stood out as the best dish, though if I had to pick only one it might be the wings (I'm a sucker for that sauce) -- just a strong menu from the top down. I also managed to get takeout from JMueller BBQ. I found the moist brisket to be very good and the beef ribs were amazing. I really liked their beans too.