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Sep 25, 2012 05:27 PM

Having a "shady lady" dinner and need Ideas for finger food

So my friend is planning a "shady lady" <not my idea> dinner
she calls me up to help define it so she can do the food assignments

so we talked about what a "shady lady" meant to her -
we got close to s 20's prohibition style supper club theme
Mata Hari stuff.....

and so - here we are - I think we have some narrowing

want to do small food - like finger food <think tapas>

CH's are so helpful - so I am coming to you all for ideas!

I am stuck!


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  1. I don't have a specific but you might find an idea looking at the 1920s on food timeline.
    They have speakeasy party tips.

    1. mata hari was dutch and executed in 1917. hardly a flapper.

      here's a link with some links:

      1. For dessert, use lady fingers to make a trifle, charlotte, or tiramisu.

        1. Maybe some individual sized tarts?

          Tart = shady lady

          1. Hot dogs in Chinese bao (steamed white yeast buns).