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Sep 25, 2012 04:03 PM

American version of Bao (stuffed bun)

I saw that a local restaurant had an American version of a Chinese Bao. I love Baos. It had 2 kinds of cheese and ham inside. It said that it was steamed then baked. Unlike regular baos, it was not white, it was brown on top.

My question is, has anyone made a stuffed bun like this (I've made the Chinese version)? What is the benefit of steaming it before baking it? I was just going to make a standard roll type dough and then wrap it around my stuffing and bake it.

I imagine the texture would be different....maybe only baking it would be more like a small calzone.

I have to get over to the restaurant and try them I guess to get a better idea.

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  1. Actually, a browned Bao is not uncommon. Cha siu bao is often made using steam, baking, or by steaming and then baking, but each type uses a different type of dough. The steamed variety usually has more water than the baked dough version.

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      That is interesting..I've only had/made the steamed kind.

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        todao is right.

        I don't know where you are michaeljc70, but if you go to any Cantonese Chinese bakery or a dim sum place you should be able to experience all three types.

        The dough, for each, however is not different in that they are made differently or with different ingredients. They're your basic leavened dough that you would use for any Chinese style baos, buns or mantou. It's just that some have added salt, or sugar, etc.