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Breakfast in Mesa

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  • cloey Sep 25, 2012 03:37 PM
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Best breakfast in Mesa? How about Gilbert too? Thanks. We need answers soon as part of the family is flying in tomorrow morning.

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  1. Mesa is seriously lacking in breakfast, lunch, dinner, just-for-drinks spots. Always has. Oh except for Los Dos Molinos.

    As for breakfast, I recommend The Farmhouse Restaurant.


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      Good call on Los Dos Molinos..breakfast I see is only on Sundays..lunch at 11am.
      I hit up the Mimi's in Mesa for breakfast at the Fiesta Mall..
      Carolina' for my divey Mex breakfast behind the airport..
      My in-laws like the Feedbag in Apache Junction..have no idea why.

    2. In Mesa, you can opt for safe but unexciting choices like Crackers and/or Good Egg.

      In Gilbert, try Liberty Market, but just be aware that it is rather expensive (esp. for Gilbert) and service can be spotty, if not downright bad.

      1. Thanks all!

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          TC Eggington's puts out a fine breakfast.