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Sep 25, 2012 03:37 PM

Breakfast in Mesa

Best breakfast in Mesa? How about Gilbert too? Thanks. We need answers soon as part of the family is flying in tomorrow morning.

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  1. Mesa is seriously lacking in breakfast, lunch, dinner, just-for-drinks spots. Always has. Oh except for Los Dos Molinos.

    As for breakfast, I recommend The Farmhouse Restaurant.


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    1. re: globocity

      Good call on Los Dos Molinos..breakfast I see is only on Sundays..lunch at 11am.
      I hit up the Mimi's in Mesa for breakfast at the Fiesta Mall..
      Carolina' for my divey Mex breakfast behind the airport..
      My in-laws like the Feedbag in Apache Junction..have no idea why.

    2. In Mesa, you can opt for safe but unexciting choices like Crackers and/or Good Egg.

      In Gilbert, try Liberty Market, but just be aware that it is rather expensive (esp. for Gilbert) and service can be spotty, if not downright bad.

        1. re: cloey

          TC Eggington's puts out a fine breakfast.