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Sep 25, 2012 03:23 PM

Denver - Buy Foie Gras

Hello! We just moved to Denver from Chicago (which btw it's very strange that Denver doesn't have their own forum on here!) and I'm wondering if there's somewhere local we can buy whole foie gras (not pate)? I know we can get it on d'artagnan's website, but we wanted to get some last minute. Thanks!

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  1. Try The Pig & Block. They had some lobes a few weeks ago for sure. If they don't have some available when you call, they will usually get a new shipment in a week or two. They are also super nice and helpful.

    3326 Tejon St
    Denver, Colorado 80211
    Phone (303) 455-6328

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      I'm glad you said Pig & Block first- I feel like I'm in danger of being accused of shilling, it's my go-to answer to every meat question. :)

      1. re: bluex

        Yes, try The Pig & Block first. The place and people are amazing.

        If not, yesterday I saw frozen lobes at Tony's Market, the Littleton location. Other locations would likely have them, too.