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Sep 25, 2012 02:01 PM

Weekend away -- Providence, RI for "Halloween"

SO and I are headed to Providence RI. After being seriously burned in Newport last year, the food choices are very important.

We are staying in Providence, but are ready and willing to travel afield for superior meals, or even a experience that is not to be missed.

I have done some preliminary research and note that Julian's seems a good bet, though apparently preferred for Brunch, not dinner.

Dorrance appears to be a universally recommended dinner option.

Nick's is also mentioned a great deal, but it is not clear if it should be for lunch, dinner or brunch.

I also check Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (as one does...) and this placed Liberty Elm Dinner in the running.

We are not quite sure the effect that being there the weekend before Halloween (food or otherwise) will have, so if there are any insights as to that, we would appriciate it as well.

Thanks for any and all feedback and I will post the results.

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  1. It would help to know where you are staying, what kind of food you're interested in, what your budget is and why/where you were "seriously burned" last year.

    To answer your questions, Julian's is better for brunch, and best if you're under 30 and have visible tattoos. Dorrance is very good, if new-ish, and not sure "universally recommended" would be the right word. I love Nick's - go for dinner and have a tasting menu, you won't be disappointed. I ignore Guy Fieri in all his manifestations and haven't been to Liberty Elm, which gets mixed reviews.

    That said, I recommend doing more homework. Start here, then come back and ask.

    Also search for posts by Garris, Jenkins or Frobisher, who all have a good handle on the PVD scene.

    I'm not aware of anything special the last weekend in October, but that doesn't mean there's nothing.

    1. Agreed on Julian's. need to be "ready" for that type of experience. Ditto Nicks. Depends on how much hustle and bustle you want at breakfast. Want to relax and enjoy, not the places. Be ready to wait on the weekend 30 minutes or more, sit at a very tight and cramped table, and be bumped.
      Food is good, prices reasonable.

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        if you are personally offput by seeing people younger than 25 or with visible tattoos, sure, avoid julians, but it's not like they are going to give you an attitude. i eat there all the time, often coming straight from work (aka dressed like a total 9-to-5 square) and the staff is always perfectly friendly and professional. the food can be a bit hit or miss though. awesome beer selection and the whimpy burger is one of the best in the city.

        as far as "superior meals" go, my top choices would be chez pascal, nicks (definitely try their charcuterie plate), and broadway bistro, in that order. cook & brown, loie fuller, new rivers are also solid choices.

      2. I would dismiss the Liberty Elm. I've been there and the service was nonexistent.