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Sep 25, 2012 01:02 PM

Painted Box - a for profit community restaurant.. (Regent Park)

I originally saw a Toronto Star article on this but the focus was more on the community aspect vs. the food. There is now a mini-review/pics up on BlogTO and it looks interesting.

In addition to the bistro they are looking to be a food incubator plus will be training various individuals as chefs, etc.

On my list of places to check out both because I support the idea and because the food looks interesting/tasty!

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  1. I was a big fan of Chris' when he worked at Summerhill Market. I wish him well and hope the place takes off.

    1. Paintbox bistro - I went back to paintbox bistro tonight to give them another chance since I live in the hood and want to see them succeed. I had been about 3 weeks ago and was disappointed with food and service. Tonight I went, the menu is different - they have a new chef, and the service was solid. The food was good - tasty and nicely presented in a decent portion. Nothing amazing, but good enough to make me want to come back.
      The app I had was a trio of corn, a roasted cob, a warm fresh creamed corn, and a fried corn fritter.
      For the main I had seared scallops on wilted greens and asparagus, that was served with a broth. I had the homemade bread as well which I quite enjoyed. And then chocolate mousse with toffee crunch and banana chips for dessert.
      Very good meal - I'll be back.