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Do any places sell African beer or palm wine?

I'm throwing an African food tasting party and would like to have some drinks from Africa other than South African wine. Does anyone know of a store in the area that sells African beer, palm wine, or wine from an African country other than South Africa? I know Addis Red Sea, and probably some other restaurants, sell African drinks. Sadly those places don't have a license to sell it to take home.

Ideas anyone?

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  1. Do any of the Ethiopian-run bodegas in Cambridge sell those beers? I'm thinking of the 7-Eleven at Prospect and Hampshire, and the Pearl Street Market just outside of Central.

      1. Maybe contact harpoon brewery and pick their brain.

        1. Suya Joint in Roslindale has Tusker Beer from Kenya, but like you said, not sure if they'd sell to you. Doesn't hurt to show up with some cash and order some "to go". ;)

          1. Ive bought Mamba malt liquor but I can't recall where... Marty's?

            1. At one of the African places in Roslindale had awesome palm wine and another kind hound bought me two bottles to go. Forget the name... The palm wine alone was worth the trip...

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                Stripes, you thinking of that time we drained The African Cuisine's (Hyde Park) entire supply of palm wine while watching Nigerian soap operas that one night ? Sadly, they closed.

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                  DRAT, that was the place! Now that he's closed I can spill the beans, so he admitted to me that it was in fact alcoholic Palm wine, imported as Palm beverage with no alcohol so as to avoid the whole selling and important booze thing! Drat, drat, drat!

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                    Palm wine is good stuff. As I child, you could get something like a gallon or half gallon for 2 Naira. This is Nigeria, no liquor laws.

                    I remember buying a large bottle of palm wine and my cousins, siblings, and I proceeded to drink the entire gallon or so. It took years to understand why the maid discovered us wearing nothing but our undergarments taking an afternoon nap in front of an air conditioner! I could not have been more than 10 years old.

                    Another incident was when a few of us kids drank more than our share and my little sister was running around the house all laughing and giggling. The afternoon ended with her slipping and chipping a tooth. Poor kid was around 7 or 8 yr old.

                    That was good stuff.

                    Who needs US liquor laws.

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                      Lulz. If I had a nickel for every time the maid found me napping in my undergarments in front of the AC after drinking a gallon of palm wine! Oh good times.

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                        Great stories. The fresh stuff in Africa is SO much better than anything they bottle.