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Sep 25, 2012 12:50 PM

Do any places sell African beer or palm wine?

I'm throwing an African food tasting party and would like to have some drinks from Africa other than South African wine. Does anyone know of a store in the area that sells African beer, palm wine, or wine from an African country other than South Africa? I know Addis Red Sea, and probably some other restaurants, sell African drinks. Sadly those places don't have a license to sell it to take home.

Ideas anyone?

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  1. Do any of the Ethiopian-run bodegas in Cambridge sell those beers? I'm thinking of the 7-Eleven at Prospect and Hampshire, and the Pearl Street Market just outside of Central.

      1. Maybe contact harpoon brewery and pick their brain.

        1. Suya Joint in Roslindale has Tusker Beer from Kenya, but like you said, not sure if they'd sell to you. Doesn't hurt to show up with some cash and order some "to go". ;)

          1. Ive bought Mamba malt liquor but I can't recall where... Marty's?