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Sep 25, 2012 12:23 PM

Fall Folliage - help me out

Planning on a day trip to see the natural beauty of the area..thinking about Litchfield or Essex area or anywhere near there. I would love to stop for lunch somewhere that is charming, almost historical kind of American place...with good food. Can you recommend anything..I know this is open ended..American food near a pretty area..Thank you.

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    1. Essex is not especially known for fall foliage, I would strongly urge you to visit Litchfield county and/or the lower Berkshires. Peak foliage would be the 2nd or 3rd week of October. You'd need to wait for the last week for the shoreline. I would second the West St Grill, but it's not "New Englandy." If you happened to be going on a Sunday, Pastorale in Lakeville is a solid bet.

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        Thanks for your quick reply..nothing else new englandy..i guess i might just have to settle..there are mixed reviews for copper beech inn and we have been to griswald..might give west street a try. If you think of anything else let me know. Thank you! By the way when you mention the shore line..what towns are those..thinking of going Oct. 20

      2. You might be interested in looking at a fall foliage prediction here:

        As sbxstr says, the shoreline (New Haven to New London) hits its peak about the third week in October, but the moderate weather along the sound means we usually don't have quite as spectacular a display as other parts of New England.

        My favorite fall trip is to drive up to Shelbourne Falls in early October to see the flower bridge (lots of restaurant recs in the northern NE thread), then drive along the Mohawk Trail (Rt. 2) to North Adams, and then back down Rt. 7 (lots of nice river views), ending with a drive around Lake Waramaug and dinner at the Hopkins Inn there.

        If you are still coming to Essex, don't worry about the Copper Beech dining, they have a new and respected chef, and initial reports are good. My kids often stay at the Griz when they visit us. Their wine bar may have more interesting food than the main restaurant.

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          Hey, thanks for the shout out to my neck of the woods, but just want to point out that Shelburne Falls recs would be on this very same southern NE board, which covers MA, CT, and RI.

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            Thank you all so have been very helpful.