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Sep 25, 2012 12:21 PM

Monty's vs. Joe's

My kids are taking us to eat Stone Crabs at the end of October (we live in Austin, TX). I spent time in Coconut Grove years ago and actually loved Monty's, better than Joe's. I thought the crabs were great, and I loved Monty's Ceasar salad. I'm curious if anyone has a preference or if Monty's is still good (or ever was), or should I let the kids take us to Joe's? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  1. No comparison. Taste, Quality, Freshness, Service, Overall Experience - - - that's what makes Joe's the landmark restaurant of South Florida. You can eat stone crabs at a million places in South Florida and while they're all usually very good - - - they NEVER taste like Joe's. Important to keep in mind that Joe's sells the other restaurants their stone crabs - - so why not go to the SOURCE?

    Joe's other goodies - - the potatos, the chopped salad, the garlic spinach, the bread, the keylime pie - - - Monty's has nothing in those areas that compares to Joe's. And again, the service level between Joe's and Monty's is ncomparable.

    Joe's can be stuffy given the long lines and wait time. But Joe's is Joe's is Joe's.....Let the kids take you to Joe's and enjoy yourself....

    Ft. Pierce, FL

    PS - - My old radio partner's name was Ed Berliner.....

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      LargeLife: thanks for the response. I notice from your past posts that you appear to be a BBQ affecionado. If you are looking for the best brisket on earth and have a spare $100 can I make a suggestion. Go online to and order a brisket. They cost about $55 and shipping is about the same. Its an 8 pound brisket and it has reheating instructions. If they do it right I will promise you it is an out of body experience. 8 pounds of meat after smoking will feed 10 people so it is almost economical, but it will be a meal you won't forget. Texas Monthly named them best BBQ in Texas, and that is a joint that is only open one day a week (Saturday) and usually sells out before noon! (that's right, if you show up around 8:30 am you can enjoy the best, absolutely the best, positively the best thing you have ever put in your mouth.) I had them send my son in law one for his birthday last month and he still thanks me for it. Try it and let me know. I am positive that you will give up looking for good Q in Florida after tasting this. Read this article to get your taste buds in a frenzy: Ed Berliner in Austin, Texas

      1. re: gntlmn6464

        I've been there. I've visited most of the "bbq mother churches" in Texas......I was in Austin two weeks ago and ate at the Salt Lick....I think their brisket and ribs are very good....but I actually go there for the chicken which I think is the very best I've ever eaten and would love to know where they buy those birds from and the ingredients of the mop that they use......I loved the brisket at snows....Won't say mine better....but my briskets aren't far behind.....and I learned to smoke brisket at Sonny Bryant's Smokehouse in Dallas (Inwood)......My wife and I own a BBQ business and we're a pretty well-known BBQ caterer in our neck of the woods.....But we're always out on the road....looking to eat BBQ....and improve our craft.....Gotta go cut some more oakwood!

        Ft. Pierce, FL

    2. I know people go to Joe's for their Stone crabs and take out fried chicken but Ihad one of my worst dining experiences there! Forget the 3 hour wait and the Amex card that went missing for 2 hours!
      One person in my party ordered a Pompano. when they served a grey oily fish and we complained (Pompano is white and flaky) .
      They where insistent that Pompano is a grey oily fish! Never again!

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      1. re: Bigstu99

        Haven't seen pompano served at joes in the last 5-10 years.They used to grill it on the flat top which gave it a tough outer layer that darkened its white appearance.Younger crowd didn't appreciate the fish I was told.

        1. re: travlnmike

          I go to Joe' eat Stone Crabs......I've eaten the fried chicken there (for fun) and it was also quite good.....But I go to Joe's to eat Stone Crabs....that's their specialty....that's what they serve.....that's their signature attraction.....When I go to Morton's I eat steak......When I go to Versailles I eat masas de puerco or vaca frita.....Going to Joe's to eat Pompano?....OK!.....Sorry to hear about your experience with the Amex card....I had a very, very similar situation at Flannigans.....I calmly complained....and they made it right.....Hard to think that Joe's didn't make that situation right.....For what its worth....I've eaten at Joe's at least ONE HUNDRED times over the past 15 years....and it's been perfect everytime.....and those are pretty good odds.....(and I'm the guy whose drive thru orders never have the french fries or a straw!!!!!!).......

          Ft. Pierce, FL