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Sep 25, 2012 12:07 PM

Do you have any food "rituals"?

Do you eat certain foods in a certain way or in a certain order?

Do you have specific "rituals" surrounding your food?

I get up in the morning and put on a pot of coffee and drink it when making the breakfast and lunches for the day.

When I eat fresh bread and butter, I scoop out the insdie and only eat the crust with a thick slab of butter.

I am sure there is more....

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  1. Well, my baked potato ritual has always been to cut a series of lattice marks into it so that the butter can melt evenly throughout.....and then mash the daylights out of it after any other garnishes have been added, preferably on a separate side plate.

    Can't stand potato chunks, and never thought twice about it until someone ridiculed me for it years ago.....but I still happily do it!

    1. When I eat Bugles (which is pretty rare), I always first put them on my fingertips so it looks like I have claws.

      I always eat (Maryland Blue) crabs this way: 1) Remove legs and eat any meat sticking out from them. 2) Remove claws and eat meat from them (after cracking with mallet) 3) Remove top, clear out lungs and stuff and pick out the lump meat.

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        Ditto on the crabs but I get the legs really clean except for te back two.

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          My post-crab ritual is a pbj sandwich with strawberry jam.

        2. I have a very, very specific approach to pho consumption.

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          1. When I make barbecue, I split all the logs before I start drinking beer. It's actually a ritual my wife started/insited upon as she is terrified about the idea of me taking up the ax once I've had a taste. And, since you can't make barbecue properly without splitting logs or drinking beer, we settled upon the aforementioned agreement. Good thing is, I still gots all my toes!

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              I also have to slice the inside of my baked potato into a lattice!

            2. If I'm having a bacon sandwich it has to be ketchup and a cup of tea-absolutely no coffee.
              If it's a sausage sandwich it's brown sauce and I am prepared to have it with coffee.