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Sep 25, 2012 12:06 PM

What Portland Dishes to Take Out and Gift a Chef in the Hinterlands?

I will be in Portland tomorrow,Wed, and Thurs., staying w/ friends in Brunswick, and then Thurs we leave Brunswick and travel north near Damariscotta/Boothbay to a friend/chef. He never gets to travel in the summer and I want to take him one or 2 killer savory dishes that he might love- that will reheat well. I have always loved Duck Fat's Tomato Fennel Soup; do youall have some faves/recs- maybe from Boda and/or other ? thx much.

p.s. i say Hinterlands because we have not found any excellent places to eat in Damariscotta or Boothby Hrbr. In Dscotta, Riverside can be o.k . to good, but we've not had luck elsewhere in that area. boy do i wish. we end up driving to rockland and that's not so fun in the dark.

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  1. I might stop at Browne Trading for a variety of smoked items. Pai Men Miyake travels well. Great broth and they pack the other ingredients separately. Try the pork buns while there. You will not be disappointed.