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Sep 25, 2012 12:05 PM

Jiro in Roppongi vs. Matsuei

I have the option to go to one of the two with a Japanese fried on mine on an upcoming trip to Tokyo. Which would you choose?

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  1. Jiro Roppongi is the second branch of the master Jiroo's chain, and chef is Jiroo junior. The price is half, but the vinegar, blend rice and some of the products are the same... now, if you want to go after having been to a movie, chose Ginza; Jiroo is 87 years old, and, well, I am not sure he will stay for long !!
     I did not hear about sushi Matsue... If you think the best sushi are the ones that do great nigiri, then go for Jiroo. For sashimi, tsumami, it is different. 

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      Ninisix, I am sure that you are trying to help, but I cannot understand your English. What does 'chose Ginza' mean, and what connection does tsumami have to this thread?

      1. re: Markintokyo

        What she meant was if you want to go see the original Jiro after having seen the movie (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), choose (the) ginza (location). Jiro works at Ginza, his younger son works in Roppongi.

        I'm still not sure what tsumami is but I think it is appetizers and small savoury dishes.

        1. re: Markintokyo

          I believe that quddous's assessment is spot on. Basically ninisix is saying that if you strictly want nigiri, go to Jiro since he does not do tsumami and sashimi dishes like some other sushi restaurants do. If you want a more varied sushi dinner with sashimi courses and other small plates of prepared seafood as well as nigiri, you would be better off going somewhere else.