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Sep 25, 2012 11:50 AM

Some Interesting Food Goings-Ons in Melrose

There has already been a fair bit of discussion regarding Lisa's Family Pizza on this board. Anybody have an info regarding the Melrose Meat Market? I did a little looking around at reviews on Comellas, which were mixed but more positive than negative. Anybody have any experiences with them?

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  1. I've been to the Comellas in Chestnut Hill. I thought their pizza was okay and their pasta dishes, which I believe is their calling card, were fairly prosaic but tasty. They seem to have about 10 ingredients that they can throw together in various combinations and a variety of sauces. I would tend to go to Comellas to pick up a quick lunch on a weekend day or if I need decent takeout in a pinch. Definitely not a destination.

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    1. Checked out thier menu- pretty funny- somke of their MESSES sound good. Hate that WF is coming to Melrose. Not sure what a lot of the elderly will do- WF is probably not in a lot of their budgets. johnnies always had lots of good specials- though I dont like their produce. Cant beat the 5 for 19.99 meat sale- I use it to stock up on chicken cutlets.

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        There was an article a year or so ago where they analyzed a number of grocery store prices. Whole foods, especially for thier store brands, was not the most expensive. I don't recall how johnies fared but i do recall shaws was all over the map, sometimes far far more expensive. My wife anecdotally has said the same. The quality at wfm is very high. The do sell expensive stuff but you can also get staples for the same money as other grocery stores. I am thrilled they are coming as is literally every one of the probably dozen people I have discussed it with.

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          Interesting. Have only been to the Woburn store a half dozen times or so. Will have to keep an open mind. I believe it about Shaws'. I only shop there when they have anything good with their dollar items (ie: canned tomatoes, and Friendly sundae cups, which the kids think are a huge treat!)!