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Sep 25, 2012 11:49 AM

Navigating getting into Purple Pig on Friday night? Please help Chicago Chowhounds!

My husband and I are staying in Chicago on Friday night and I'd really appreciate help in how to get into the Purple Pig. We are staying at the Intercontinental just across the street. Can we "put our names in" or do we literally have to wait there the two hours to get in? We hoped we could stop by at 6 PM, put our name in and check back at 7PM, then arrive to stay at 8PM, then still probably waiting some more before finally getting our table?? Or is it the kind of establishment that if you leave and they happen to call your name early you are marked off in blank ink from the list? Please advise. We are total foodies and we'd really like to dine there, but my husband hit 50 this year so his patience is not what it used to be! He will do some waiting but not 2 1/2 hours of standing in a hallway.
Thanks so much!!

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  1. You can leave your name and #, then go; no need to stick around or check back. In addition, bar seats are all first come, first serve, so you may even get a spot when you first come in. I have never had to wait as long as they actually quote me; so many people attrit off the list.

    While you wait, you may want to get a drink nearby. Across the street (first floor of your hotel, actually) is a nice wine bar called Eno. Just a few blocks west on illinois is a bar/restaurant called Sable that has quite a nice cocktail menu, and about the same distance away, at Ohio+state, is a place called Watershed-- it's my favorite hidden gem in that area. It's in the basement of a silly, posh-looking champagne bar called "Pops", but don't be fooled! You go to the basement, where you will find interesting beers, wonderful drinks, and a quiet, laid-back atmosphere. The food is also quite tasty, if you get peckish while waiting for PP.

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      Pops for Champagne is not "silly" - it's actually very good (including the food as well as the bar offerings).

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        Champagne is never silly in my book! Thanks for your response.

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        Thank you so much!! I love little hidden bars within bars. I really appreciate the feedback.

      3. They take your phone number and give you an idea of how long when you get there. You could head back to a hotel or see the sites while you are waiting :)