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Sep 25, 2012 10:12 AM

Rome / Florence Where to buy nuts and dried fruit?

Anyone know a store to buy nuts and dried fruit (not candied) in Rome?
I'd love to find a place not too far from Trastevere where I'm staying.

How about in Florence?

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  1. In Florence, I would certainly try the Mercato Centrale near the train station. Be sure to have a boiled beef sandwich at Nerbone while you are there!

      1. most italian supermarkets have a small selection of dried fruits and nuts - in rome, the mercato del esquilino (near termini station) is a good place , as well as castroni on cola di rienzo or via frattina.

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        1. For high quality dried fruit and nuts in Rome you should go to Castroni. They have a high turnover, which matters a lot. They have several locations, but the two biggest are on Via Nazionale and Via Cole di Rienzo.

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            Thank you elizabeth. I agree freshness and turnover is vital to the deliciousness.
            BTW/ I've been enjoying making plans with the wonderful shopping and eating suggestions on your apps.. I was so excited to read about your design and home goods background, your reccomandations are stellar both for food and fun shopping sources.