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Sep 25, 2012 10:05 AM

Fanciest, Tastiest, Money-no-object Dining in STL

I searched through and found some great suggestions, but we have a very special occasion on short, short notice - this wednesday (i.e. no stone soup cottage possible), and I'm looking for the absolute best Saint Louis has to offer...on short notice.

We've already eaten at:
- Niche
- The Crossing
- Cielo
- Truffles

Thanks for the input!


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  1. How about Sidney Street Cafe? I sometimes think it is about 1996 in there, but I had a friend go recently for a special occasion (father's retirement) and they had a very wonderful meal. They did let the staff know it was a special occasion, so maybe this helped things along.

    I would also suggest Salt and Farmhaus.

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    1. re: shannonstl

      Thanks! I meant to put Sidney Street - we've been there and it was great.

      Never been to Salt and Farmhaus, I will investigate.

      1. re: acrylucs

        Well, the atmosphere at Farmhaus doesn't exactly scream "high class experience" more like "look what I found at the Goodwill," but the food is great. Salt has a lot more going on visually but I've found the food uneven.

    2. The easy suggestion is Tony's, but that's not a place that I typically recommend, but it may be what you're looking for. Also, consider Annie Gunn's. If it were me, I'd just go back to Niche or Sidney Street and go big on wine (either bringing good stuff or ordering one of the better bottles off their list).

      I love Farmhaus and it's one of my favorite spots in St. Louis, but fancy is the last word I'd use to describe it.

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      1. re: michaelstl

        Tony's. With the Cards on the road, you should be able to get in and avoid the game traffic.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Tony's is sort of ultimate comfort food. If it isn't on the menu and they have the ingredients, they'll make it for you. Service has gotten a little more casual over the years, but it still behooves me to tell the young ones to pretend they're a princess because that's the kind of treatment they'll get there. A few stories in the last year or so about gaps there, but overall, it's great. Lobster albanello, any soup they have on offer, zabaglione made at tableside (they've done it w/ sweetener for a diabetic friend) or, my fave, chocolate layer cake w/ homemade banana ice cream.

      2. In St. Louis, there are very few places that approach the trifecta: beautiful space, fine food done creatively, and excellent service. Niche would probably come the closest of the places I have been, I have not been to Tony's. Farmhaus is casual with top-notch food and I have had good service. I don't care for the atmosphere at Sidney Street. I'd love to do Stone Soup Cottage but it is booked many months in advance, for good reason from what I have heard.