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Sep 25, 2012 09:36 AM

3 quick shout outs

I've been meaning to post about 3 fantastic items I've eaten recently.

1. The Uova pizza at Ecco pizzaria in Boston ( I got it as a 6' breakfast pizza and it was truly fantastic. A sunnyside up farm egg, fruitwood smoked uncured bacon (extraordinary) and some white sauce, all on a really good, chewy thin crust. The smell alone was intoxicating. It had people's head turning as I walked by.

2. The miso soup at Shiki in Coolidge Corner ( Subtle, complex flavors and yet pure in it's simplicity. Delicious.

3. The corn bread with sweet butter at Trina's Starlight Lounge ( Until I tasted this, I had yet to find the perfect cornbread. It is so moist, the perfect degree of dense, the perfect amount of sweet (just a little). It's served warm with an ice cream scoop of melting sweet butter. While it is quite large, I had to have two. I wish I could get this recipe.


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  1. That cornbread is summat else!! DE-lishus!

    1. karen great report, thx. And, as regards the cornbrd>> it never hurts to ask. I have obtained a number of recipes by asking.

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      1. Sounds like some good dishes.

        I have to say though that the "uncured" bacon trend gets my goat. Bacon is by definition cured pork belly. Calling it "uncured" is a marketing ploy based on public fears of nitrites and nitrates. The "uncured" stuff uses bacteria to transform compounds in celery into sodium nitrite, thus allowing the marketing phrase "no nitrites added".

        1. I went to Ecco once and got a basic margherita pizza. The dough had flax seeds in it. Overall it was an unpleasant (and expensive) experience. Are they all like that?

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            I never noticed the seeds, but I do like the crust and feel it suits the toppings. Their verdure pizza with grilled baby artichokes, sautéed mushrooms of various varieties, and carmelized onions is also superb. They also have a salad with an excellent, unusual vinaigrette.

            I agree it's expensive.. I wonder if the business can sustain those prices given that it's in Allston.

            1. re: debo

              Sounds wonderful. It has always fed my cynicism to see pizza places using RAW mushrooms as toppings. almost zero flavor. Saute those mushrooms, onions, peppers ,and it's a whole different and far superior (to say nothing of worth eating) ball game. Many good hounds have spoken positively about this place We need to go here, cutty's, daily catch, and matt murphy's. Hmmm, maybe we should get a room for the night.............

              1. re: Luther

                I've also never noticed a seed. The dough recipe was developed by Clear Flour for them. The pizza is kind of expensive but the toppings have a lot of flavor and the crust - at least mine - has had good tooth with no seeds.

                1. re: lergnom

                  Huh. Bizarre, it was totally obvious in mine. Description on the website is "Hand crafted with organic whole grain crust, organic herbal tomato sauce, and four natural artisan cheeses." I was expecting "whole grain" to be a buzzword meaning "contains some percentage of whole wheat flour" but this thing was definitely a brownish color, and the seeds were obvious. Are there different crusts available? I ordered pickup through a third-party online food site. The other weird thing was when I went early to pick it up, I told the guy I would wait, and he said "no, it's already ready" and it was sitting in an insulated bag as if it were about to be delivered, and it had clearly been cooked like 15 minutes prior.

                  I got the "formaggio" thinking it was sort of a margherita "default" but it had this very pronounced smoked cheese flavor which I thought impaired my ability to actually taste the baseline crust/sauce flavor. But the seeds were unmistakable.

                  According to their website, the dough is made with "organic flour, wheat germ, and flax seed."