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Sep 25, 2012 08:26 AM

Fun Birthday Dinner Ideas in Toronto

Hi all,

I'm looking for fun adult restaurant ideas for a birthday. The crowd will be people in their mid to high-20's. Last year we did Guu and that was a great choice but looking to switch it up a bit this year. I had Copacabana in mind as an option. Are there any other fun ideas people have? By fun I mean a bit more lively and an experience that's kind of unique. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Tabule offers belly dancing on Saturday nights, the food and service are great, reasonably priced, and lots of good apps to share.

    1. I went to the Black Hoof with a group of friends early on a Friday night (since they don't take reservationss) and we ordered pretty much everything on the menu to share, then ordered a second order of pork tacos. That was fun.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. The Black Hoof is actually one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto but the only reason I didn't give it thought was for the fact that they didn't take reservations and I didn't want my friends waiting around for a couple hours. I suppose if we decided to go earlier we could make it work but my preference would be somewhere that takes reservations. When we went to Guu last year we actually went a lot later so that the "dinner crowed" was done by then.

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          what about swish by han?
          pravda? i haven't eaten there but i heard the food is not bad (russian food?)....i've walked by during their dinner hours (before it turns into a night club) and looked like an interested place to eat with a group. the atmosphere & decor is certainly unique....then you can just stay there after dinner and drink & dance the night away!