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Surprising finds at WalMart

I found Great Value frozen Baked Tortellini in a creamy tomato sauce. Very good! I added poached, cubed chicken breast. Taste like I cooked all day!

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  1. I find I actually like the "World Table" house brand pepperoni pizza , it actually has large circles of frozen "fresh" mozzarella in addition to the regular shredded stuff.

    It is certainly better tasting hot out of the oven than anything I've had from Dominoes , Papa Johns or Pizza Hut in the past decade or more (I only ever get those when it is at a meeting, not by choice lol )

    It is the one thing that I get at Walmart that I can't find elsewhere.

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      The "Great Value" sherbets are very good, they actually have tiny peices of real fruit in them.They also carry an excellent German bologna in the deli called "Wunderbar" really great flavor and inexpensive.

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        A staple in our house growing up; one of my mom's fave brands. I also got a 24 pack of Perrier (don't judge; I'm weaning myself off a wicked bad Diet Coke habit) for 14.99. A steal, I tell you.

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        Ditto on the World brand pizza. It's better than any other frozen pizza I've had and like you said, gives chains a run for their money.

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          Just wanted to say I tried the World Table pepperoni due to yours and another's recommendation here. A very pleasant surprise. It didn't have that freezer-burned cardboard taste and the pepperoni was decent as well. So, when I walked in the door, I turned on the oven and by the time I got all the groceries put up, went through the mail, etc., I had a piping hot pizza ready to come out of the oven. Thanks for mentioning this.

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            Now...we have 3 *three* Walmarts here in Naples, FL...and the one closest to me only sells the World Table Philly cheesesteak pizza (blargh and barf...WHO wants THAT?! NOT ME! ) and the buffalo chicken pizza (EVEN double blargh...who wants that???!!!) guess I'll have to try the other 2 Walmarts to see what they offer...I mean, come ON, people...Pepperoni pizza is a slam-dunk...what is WITH these other freaky toppings??? *I am blaming their buyer of course*

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              I agree. If I want a Philly cheesesteak, I want a Philly cheesesteak, not a pizza. If I want a pizza, I don't want a Philly cheesesteak or buffalo chicken. Not sure if it'd do any good, but you might try speaking to the manager about it.

        2. Their canned tomato juice in the 46 oz cans is the best out there as far as I'm concerned. It's a different formula than the one in the 64 oz plastic bottles. No added water..the ingredients are tomatoes and salt ( and ascorbic acid)

          1. Some of Wal-Marts bakery breads are quite good, especially the baguette.

            1. I found Guss' pickles in the local Walmart while visiting my home town recently -- it's a fairly small town in Southern Indiana, which makes finding these pickles from Delancy St. in NYC all the more astonishing. They were packed in New Jersey, but pretty close to the real McCoy, not shelf stable but in the refrigerator case.

              1. Canned Hatch green chiles well under the typical $4+ price point at Whole Food.

                Certainly a far cry from fresh or frozen, but just fine for chile verde or in a SW version of pimento cheese that I do frequently.

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                  I like to stock up on Rotel, it is usually under $1 as opposed to $1.50 or more anywhere else.

                2. Bar Harbor kippers around $2.50 maybe $3...much more expensive at WF and other places...we actually have 3 Walmarts here and only one of the stores carries the BH kippers but still is a great deal.

                  1. Lotus Speculos biscoff cookie spread( creamy and crunchy types) for $ 3.48!!

                    1. King Arthur flours for 3.50!

                      1. I recently discovered they carry decent kalamatas in their little specialty foods area. They come in the plastic containers like pimiento cheese is sold in. Sorry I can't remember the name. Have only ever found decent kalamatas on "olive bars" but was desperate enough to try these that particular day. Nice surprise.

                        Agree about the Wunderbar bologna. Also from the deli, Prima Della corned beef is very good.

                        1. I usually buy Crunchmasters multi-grain crackers for $3.99 at my grocery store. They come in a ziplock type pouch. At Walmart I found Crunchmasters crackers but they come in a box and the crackers are smaller. Same weight though. I believe they were only $2.49!

                          1. The only food item I find worthy at Walmart (actually Super Walmart) is their Del Monte whole, Blue Lake canned green beans. I can no longer find them anywhere else. About twice a year, I stop in to pick up about eight cans. I've never found any other canned string bean to be edible. I find them useful to have on the shelf on reserve when I'm not cooking fresh green beans from scratch.

                            Now if only I could find chunky apple sauce that doesn't contain cinnamon. Haven't seen any in several years. Regular jarred apple sauce is too much like over sweetened baby food for me. Meanwhile, I guess I'll just keep serving apple slices when I want a side serving of apple sauce.

                            For other staples, I much prefer the quality / pricing / small store convenience at Aldi.

                            1. I make a special trip to my Walmart Neighborhood Market just for Bella sliced hot peppers in vinegar. They're awesome Italian peppers that are delicious in sandwiches and salads and sauces... pretty much anything. Publix has plenty of pickled jalapenos, roasted red peppers, and other things in jars, but nothing quite like those Bellas. I usually buy several jars at a time to avoid stopping in too often.

                              The Walmart Neighborhood Market bakery also has soft French and Italian loaves with "Everything" coating -- the sweet, sticky onions and garlic and poppyseeds you find on "everything bagels" at most bagel shops. Again, great for sandwiches, but those are a much rarer treat.

                              My local Walmart Supercenter has a huge, long aisle of Middle Eastern groceries, usually priced better than our few local Middle Eastern markets. I'm a sucker for dolmades, even the marinated kind packed in a can, and they're so much cheaper at Walmart... plus they have similar canned stuffed cabbage leaves, eggplants, and peppers.

                              1. Walmart is where I originally discovered Sally's Cereal - and I have yet to see it anywhere else. I love all their cereal! Much cheaper than big brands, great size, and love the minimalist packaging: no boxes, just resealable bags! They also make individual packets of hot cereal in nice compact packaging as well. Thumbs up from me!


                                1. World Table Sharp Cheddar Bites: These are like savory butter cookies, or what they call sables. Very addictive, and no nasty ingredients.

                                  1. I've noticed a lot of love on this thread for the World Table products. Does their quality generally run high?