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Sep 25, 2012 07:57 AM

Fun place for a birthday dinner Saturday night

I'm taking a friend to dinner for her birthday (mid-50s) Saturday night. Trying to think of a fun bar where we can drink, nosh, laugh and people watch (surreptitiously, bien sur). Suggestions? [Eat Street Social is out because birthday girl and I have been there several times.]

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  1. The lounge at La Belle Vie would be a perfect fit. The cocktails are awesome, and the rabitt bolognese on the bar appetizer menu is one of the best dishes in town.

    If you are looking for more action, the bar at Zelo is nice and is an over-40 pickup hot spot.

    If you want something more traditional, the bar at WA Frost in Saint Paul is lovely.

    The oyster bar at Meritage is very cool as well.

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    1. re: Michael Florey

      I think this Saturday is OysterFest at Meritage so it is going to be a madhouse, but that may be your cup of tea.

      I'd suggest the bar at the Cosmos. I have always loved that room and the people-watching is usually pretty good.

      Bar La Grassa sounds like the type of place you are looking for. Good food, seen and be seen crowd ideal for people watching.

      The Loon Cafe is also a hot spot for the "older" crowd on the hunt for younger prey, but I'm not as big a fan of their food.

      In NE, I'm a big fan of Erte and The Peacock Lounge which fit all your requirements. The Sample Room would also be a good choice.

      1. re: Michael Florey

        Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. La Belle Vie is a great pick! Zelo: We used to hang there when it first opened; now I find it to be depressing. Doing the Oysterfest the next day at Meritage so that's out. The bar at Frost is lovely but not a happening place.

      2. I second the La Belle Vie lounge and Bar La Grassa ideas. One more idea would be Barbette.

        1. If anyone is still following this post. Bar LG was packed. So we went to the newly renovated bar at Murray's. Had a blast! Highly recommend! Unlimited garlic toast. Great $4 sliders. Killer calamari. Two martinis. Two beers. Tab was only $50 pre-tip. [And we had a ball watching the 60-year-old dude paw the gal 20 years younger than him. Yee gods, some men are stupid.]