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Sep 25, 2012 07:41 AM

iso alternatives to ambassador dim sum in richmond hill

just found out ambassador closed and would like an alternative of similar quality in the hood, i've heard dragon boat is good but would love to hear some rec's from experienced dim sum fans....


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  1. This sounds like a call for ... Charles Yu ;-)

    1. The top these days are still the same I think, Yang's, Spring Villa, Casa Victoria, Emperor are all pretty good. Others like Regal 16 but I personally am not a fan of that place.

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      1. re: Wil

        i haven't checked locations of these places yet but felt i should clarify...when i said in the hood i meant very close to the hwy and leslie hood, i work there and would like a good substitute i could make for lunch...

        1. re: nevrenuf

          Just walk across the plaza to Golden Court.

          1. re: Crispier Crouton

            @ C C Ha!! I was just about to say the same!!!
            Also, Wil's suggestion pretty covers it all.

      2. I like Yang's, on Bayview just south of Major Mac.
        Edit- just noticed the OP wants it closer to Hwy 7 + Leslie.

        Has anyone had dim sum at Empire Court recently?

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        1. re: prima

          I was at the Hotel today. Empire Court is now closed (has been closed for months if not a year - front desk not sure;)).

          1. re: T Long

            Edo the Sushi Place will be moving in Spring?!!