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Sep 25, 2012 05:50 AM

Baby friendly cafes?

The list of cafes catering especially to moms and babies is short and I can find it elsewhere on the Internet. What I'm therefore asking is suggestions for cafes that accommodate strollers, breastfeeding, etc. These are the places moms naturally congregate in every neighbourhood, but since they're not advertised as mommy-baby cafes, I have a hard time finding new ones to try. My daughter is almost 3 months, so I have many months ahead to try these! Example: Toi et Moi on Notre-Dame.

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  1. Em Cafe on Parc and Bernard is very stroller and baby-friendly. Lots of moms go there after classes at the Y.
    Juliet et Chocolat on St. Laurent and Prince Arthur- lots of moms+babies hang out there. Big space, easy to fit strollers, etc.
    Byblos on Laurier E. is very kid-friendly. They have a box of toys for kids.

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      Thanks, picklebird, this is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for!

    2. there is this place in NDG :

      you can also hang out at the Coop down the street on sherbrooke as well, ( they have toys and books) but only a few tables

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        i was just going to mention Melons et Clementines. Great place.

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          Awesome recommendation! This place has saved my sanity when trying to eat out and have a coffee avec bébé and I have met so many new mothers there. Thank you!

      2. Hochecafé in Hochelaga, at the corner of Letourneux and Ontario is very baby-friendly. There's lots of room between tables to move a stroller around and they even have a changing table next to the washroom. Coffee's good too...

        By the way, the Quebec charter of rights and freedoms gives you the right to breastfeed in any public place. Courts have consistently awarded damages around 1000$ against business owners who have asked people to stop breastfeeding in their place of business.

        1. Most Cafés I went during my maternity leave were baby friendly: Lily and Oli, Café Saint-Henri, Parenthese (all on Notre-Dame not far from Toi et Moi). However, what I have found is that moms don't congergate in cafés.... I was usually the only mom there. If you live in that area, there is a group on Fcbk: Mamans de Verdun, Lasalle et environs. They usually organise activities with babies...

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            I also thought of Toi et Moi as the mommy cafe in my neighbourhood (Little Burgundy/St-Henri) because I'd see moms with strollers there all the time. Now that I have a stroller & baby of my own, I can say that, although they have a ramp, and the staff were super accommodating to a group of 3 moms with strollers the other day, having 2 heavy non-automatic doors at the entrance makes getting in REALLY complicated, even with someone helping to open the doors. Aso, there is no change table in the bathroom. Luckily, my stroller seat flattens out so I could use that, but if I was using my carrier, I might have had to change the baby right on the table, kind of gross.

            I noticed other potential spots in the neighbourhood fail to accommodate not just strollers, but people with wheelchairs or motorized scooters. The new Java U doesn't have an automatic door and there is a step to get in. Starbucks on Notre-Dame has an automatic door, but there is also a step. For those reasons, I haven't bothered trying them, so I don't know if they have change tables in the bathrooms.

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              Yes, it's only since I've started walking around with a stroller that I've noticed how inaccessible many places are, especially in the Plateau/ Mile-End. Steps with no ramp, and those dang double doors make life a lot more difficult for those on wheels! Also, booth seating with fixed tables is very difficult to breastfeed in.

          2. You are allowed to breastfeed in any public place.