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Sep 25, 2012 04:21 AM

The Silver Spoon in Wayne

I had dinner with some friends at The Silver Spoon in Wayne this past weekend. It was quite good, I am surprised that no one has really talked about it on this site. It's in a pretty little shopping center on route 30, with a nice outdoor area and windows that open up to the front patio. Gorgeous view. The interior is decorated cute and casual French country with a few deli cases which makes it seem a bit more casual than it really is. The service was fantastic as was the food. My girlfriends and I tried a little bit of everything from the menu and there were no bad dishes. The stand outs were a gorgeous cheese plate with local cheese, fruit and a walnut chutney, squash blossoms stuffed with crab and fried, gnocci in a ratatouille sauce, beef tenderloin with a chive cake (actually it was the chive cake that was a stand out), and a trout stuffed with pancetta and spinach. Desserts were also quite good and house made, I think we tried one of everything but the favorite was a pecan pie served with fresh cream. They also offered a tasting menu for $50 that looked interesting. Everything was great but my only complaint was they were a little pricey. It was delicious bistro type food in a quasi casual setting, but the prices were definitely prices you would pay in a higher end restaurant. We had a great meal and were happy, and that is what is all that matters!

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  1. I certainly mentioned it in a retort to those who don't think the Main Line has any decent restaurants to offer.
    Au contraire! They have plenty for a suburban area and Silverspoon is surely one of them.

    1. We were in the neighborhood a couple of weekends ago and decided to have lunch there. What a pleasant surprise! We were expecting so-so food, but it was absolutely delicious. It's not inexpensive, but well worth it.

      1. Was there for a weekend lunch, it was both packed and good as well.

        1. Have had 3 different lunches at SS...once a year ago with SO and it was VERY loud and really cold (hot hot summer day) and food was okay. Food didn't make up for the loud noise. Was invited to a party there of about 12 in May and I was impressed. I decided my first impression was wrong. They handled the large group well and everyone enjoyed it. Don't know whether the other patrons thought we were too noisy or not but no one seemed upset. So a few weeks later when a friend wanted to try a new place (to her) for lunch I suggested SS. I had a sandwich which was good and a reasonable size (altho a little pricey), and my friend ordered a beet salad for $12. Her salad was miniscule at best! An ant wouldn't have been full. My skinny friend (who couldn't each much) asked if that was really how large it was supposed to be and was told yes. I encouraged her to order something else but she wouldn't. So would I go back? Nah. Food was decent but if you aren't careful, you could end up with a very noisy lunch if it's busy and if you order the wrong thing, you'll leave hungry.

          1. We had brunch there today - the atmosphere was lovely, and the food was great! We had the crab omelet (with spinach and roasted peppers) and fried eggs with sweet potato hash, as well as a side of the carmelized pepper bacon. Finished up with an order of the ricotta donuts and an order of bread pudding... YUM. The portions were just the right size - not too big that we had (or should have had) leftovers, and not too small so we felt hungry after eating.