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Strip house versus Keens

I'm going to NYC in November and want to go to a Good steak house. Hubby loves new york strip, lean, no butter sauces just good meat. Any preference between these two or any other suggestions? Most reviews I have read are old and am looking for new input, thanks!

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  1. I used to love Strip House, but the last 3 times the steak has had no flavor -- it looked beautiful, charred on the outside, rare on the inside, but there was absolutely none of that great steak taste we carnivores crave. The sides were great, I love the decor of the place, but I came for good steak. Each time I said, okay, I'll give it one more chance. After 3 different meals with lackluster steak, I will not return.

    My favorite steak, however, is at Knickerbockers at University Place and 9th Street. Their T-Bone will knock your socks off, and the creamed spinach and potatoes are stellar. They also have a kobe "tomahawk" rib eye, ny strip, filet, and their St. Louis ribs are great. I have been eating here for many years and it is always superb. It is a real local NY kind of place. The actor, Chris Noth, lives across the street and he is in a few times a week. It's just consistantly good, which is what I look for in a restaurant.
    Wolfgangs is great, as is Keens, but Knickerbockers is by far my favorite, and I have never been disappointed.

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      I can't agree more with the Knickerbocker. A longtime favorite of mine and I was there just last week. Once again it was excellent. It doesn't get alot 'play' because it's more of a nieghborhood place but I can't say enough good things about it. The prices are also a lot lower than strip and keens.

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        Glad you feel the same, bifpocaroba -- it's a hidden gem, isn't it?

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          It really is. Usually my 'ace in the hole' . The bar area is also nice place to have drink and hang out.

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            Huh, how about that? And for a place that doesnt even bill itself as a "steakhouse", per se. I never heard of it. How do you think they do it? Are they aging it themselves? Doesnt seem likely that they're buying better meat than the other places. Doesnt it all come from just a few suppliers in the end?

            Thanks for the tip ;-)

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        Slightly OT, are they still doing live music at Knickerbocker's? The jazz acts they used to get in the '90s were really good, and added tremendously to the ambience. But I confess I haven't been down on University Place generally or K's specifically for a while -even as I'm certainly open to visiting the place again.

        EDIT: And recalling this reminds me of the demise of "Bradley's", just up the block. That death stung me more than most!

      3. Hubby is a huge steakhouse fan and swears that Wolfgang's tops the charts. Also, and I'm somewhat hesitant to admit this, every time I have a steak at Del Frisco's, I leave satisfied. It's not a NY-specific place though - I suggest sticking to something you can't get anywhere else.

        1. I much prefer Keens over Strip House, although I prefer Minetta Tavern over both of those! (I agree Knickerbocker is a good place with a great old NY feel, but I don't think their meat is as good as Minetta or Keens.)

          1. Strip House over Keens for sure but the steak at Wolfgangs is better than both.

            1. Keen's and Wolfgang's Park Ave location.

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              1. Strip House is where I would take a date who wants a steak. Keens is where I go with the guys for a steak - or the mutton chop.

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                  I went to Keen's on Monday and was a bit disappointed. My husband and I go about twice a year (once is for anniversary). In the last six months, we've gone twice and the steak hasn't been all that great. In March, I felt the steak was the weakest part of the meal. On Monday, the lump crab cocktail was fishy (sent it back) and the kale salad seemed to be on the verge of turning. I think we're going to have to start going elsewhere....

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                    I was a loyal Keen's customer for many years. Loved it. I think the quality went way down. It's become very touristy. I still like having a drink at the bar now and then but I've stay away from the restaurant for about 10 years now.

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                      i kind of hate to admit it but youre right...keens isnt what it used to be. i still love going to the pub room and having a scotch and the prime rib hash but the last time i had dinner there, the service was a little off and the porterhouse just wasnt like it used to be.

                      i figure id stick with the mutton chop or the prime rib from now on but that meal has kept me from returning.

                      minetta is excellent but i think id rather go to lugers or keens since its so cramped there. i havent been to strip house since steve hanson took it over.

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                        How would you all rate club A steakhouse against Wolfgang, strip house and keens ?

                2. This and similar questions have been debated many times on this board, but has anyone else noticed that the OP has disappeared? It was their first CH post and I have to wonder if they are even reading the responses.

                  1. Thanks everyone for your opinions, I'm not sure which steak house I will go to but it will probably be Keens or Strip House or maybe Knickerbocker. Looking for a great NY strip steak, not ribeye or porterhouse. Hubby is on a diet, lost 170 pounds in 2 years and likes lean steaks, no fat, me, I love prime rib.