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Sep 24, 2012 09:19 PM

EMP cookbook ... anyone have Chef Humm sign a copy?

Will be at EMP in about 3 weeks on our annual Glutton's Tour of NYC (Le Bernardin, EMP and Per Se on consecutive nights, 2nd time for each place).

A young local chef at our favorite restaurant is a big fan of Chef Humm's style and cuisine so I thought I'd try to get a personalized signed copy of the EMP Cookbook from Chef as a gift, if possible.

Anyone on the board tried this? Do they have copies of the book for sale at the restaurant or should we bring a copy? They seemed extremely accommodating last time we dined there so I'm guessing it's just a question of being there on the right day, but thought I'd ask around. I emailed them a few days ago but haven't had a reply.


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  1. When we had lunch at EMP in February, an obvious fanboy at table next to us brought in a copy of the cookbook. Chef Humm not only signed it, but posed for a photo with the young man. He went to every table in the room for at least a brief word, so I'm sure he'd sign the book for you if he is in the house.

    1. What day are you going? I only ask because I don't think Chef will not be around 10 October thru 14 October because of the 21st Century swap with Alinea. Other than that if Chef is in I'm sure he would sign for you. To the best of my knowledge they DO NOT have copies for sale at the restaurant but depending upon where you are coming from (if you don't want to tot it around when you travel) you could easily pick one up in NYC.

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        They do have copies for sale, and we had it signed by the chef and GM on THursday Sept 13.

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          Oh, had no idea, it must be very discreet (or so obvious I always miss it).

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            It was on a stand at the front desk...not too discreet!

        2. re: Spiritchaser

          >> " I don't think Chef will not be around 10 October thru 14"

          Reservation is for Oct 10 :( I think I'll try to get them to have Chef Humm sign a copy in advance (thanks golfer1) and just pick it up after the meal.

          Thanks for posting the dates when he'll be gone. Last time we were there he was in Denmark doing something at Noma so we keep missing him.