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Sep 24, 2012 08:21 PM

Sweetwater Bar and Grill-Boynton Beach

Popped in here tonight with some colleagues for some drinks and snacks. Terrific bar if you are into craft beers or handcrafted cocktails. Nicely appointed, but relatively small. Waitress was terrific. Had well received, better than average bar food. In addition to the menu items, they had a few specials ("we caught four yellowtail today!) plus some other seafoodcentric mains. Amongst the items ordered were the Hong Kong bbq tacos, fish tacos, tuna tartar, sliders, wings, and charcuterie plate. Everyone seemed happy with their choices, although the tuna, charcuterie plate and fish tacos were the standouts of the bunch. Reasonably priced. Good addition to the area....Federal Highway, just north of Woolbright.

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  1. Went here last night and I will second and agree with nearly everything Zook wrote.

    Think Tryst with a much smaller menu and no outdoors.

    Staff and mgmt are young (lots of tats etc); service was good except for the one time when several servers walked past obviously dirty/finished plates until OUR server took them away.

    Young man who appeared to be chef or head cook was dressed in street clothes in open kitchen, which seemed a little odd. But what came out of the kitchen was good, so... whatever.

    I think they'd be wise to put a load of sparkly little white Christmas type lights in the ig front windows, facing Federal Hwy.

    The location is in theory good - right on Federal - but this is in the ground floor of a big new condo building several blocks wide.

    And throughout that distance everything looks the same - storefronts without much signage. It's very easy to drive past and miss - or think it is closed.

    Plenty of parking when you go around back (and a rear entrance too) - but the trick is getting people to know this place is there in the first place IMO.

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      Ive been wanting to try this for a while but the fact that they havnt updated the website since nov 2011 rubs me a bit the wrong way... just seems like someone doesnt care enough I was honestly a bit worried about what I would find when i got there.