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Sep 24, 2012 06:29 PM

Brewer's Coalition in Newtonville hitting it's stride

We watched the crowds descending on this new arrival for a couple of weeks before deciding to give it a try on a recent Sunday night. 4 adults + 2 kids, seated right away around 6:30. A surprisingly nice selection of craft beers, 20 on tap and many more bottled. Half price wings on Sunday are worthy contenders. Excellent kids menu, healthy options including a nice grilled salmon with rice pilaf. SO and I both had the fish tacos, a generous portion with grilled (not fried) cod, spicy aioli, outstanding. A DC had the attractive crab cake and shrimp salad, and reported favorably. Anxious to get back to try that and explore the rest of the menu. A welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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