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Sep 24, 2012 05:06 PM

Azure Recommendations?

Relatives are in town at the end of the week and want to go to Azure. I've heard great things in general, any specifics? I don't know if they are going to want to go with the tasting meal or order off the regular menu. I know they are going to hope I know more than I know right now, so hoping you folks can edumacate me.

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  1. They always have fresh local catch featured on menu-always a sure bet.

    1. We really like the Chef's Tasting menu. Also not on the menu is the Seafood Pizza which is very good. By request only and not always available. Favorite Waiters are Tom & Scott. Tables inside are cooler with less commotion than outside. Try to avoid Thur- Sat because they are usually slammed. Scratch Mai Tai is stellar.

      1. thanks folks. the relatives are only here for two days then off to maui, so it's going to be saturday night. the fresh catch/fish preparations look great, will keep it in mind. scatch mai tai... that should make the whole evening go better. we start at the mai tai bar, which i beleive has the same cocktail.

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          And......?? Your thoughts on Azure? I've been twice and not blown away. It is good, but I didn't feel it was La Mer/AlanWong good.

          1. re: scottca075

            Sad to say I tend to agree. The service was incredibly good. The waitress was very knowledgeable about each of t he fish, explained things very clearly for my visiting cousins. My water glass was always full, but I can't say I was ever aware of it being filled. Plates somehow mysteriously disappeared. Wine was refilled after asking, but never interrupting. Much better service in fact than I got either time at Mavro, easily equal to Alan Wong.

            As for the food . . . All 6 of us got fresh fish, a couple of opah, one ahi, one monchong, and one mahi-mahi. Choice of two preparations, a 'classic' lemon butter sauce or their 'black magic spice (think cajun.) The fish were all perfecty prepared, moist, and tasty. But my first thought was "wow, this is just as good as Nico's. But Nico's is $10 - $20 for a meal, this was $40 a la carte for the fish. By the time you add the sides, over $50. Wine, appetizer, dessert, pushing hard against $100. Expensive, but not an outrageous price, especially for Waikiki, but I somehow expected more from the fish.

            Certainly not a bad choice in any way, but something was lacking, or maybe I'm just not getting it.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              That was exactly my impression of Azure, too. Great service, good food, but not as impressive as I was expecting and probably not the best value in fine dining or quality seafood in South Oahu. We really wanted to be close to the ocean, so Wongs, Mavros were out. Next time we'll try another place for a splurge meal on the South shore.

              1. re: mwest9

                And since they sat us in that very pleasant alcove by the door, we had very limited views of the ocean (being the local, I took the 'worst' chair, but even for others, the view was very restricted.)

                1. re: mwest9

                  What, an unobstructed view of King St. is not your idea of "the ocean... ?" [Grin]

                  Actually, it seems that every evening that we dine at Chef Mavro;s, it's raining, and the neon on King St., reflected in the etched windows create an interesting abstract pattern, and one that I have come to appreciate.

                  Even at La Mer, we opt for the table above HWAK, for the show below, rather than the Ocean view tables, but that is just us.



                2. re: KaimukiMan


                  Mahalo for your taking the time to respond. That means a lot to me. We have had Azure on the radar for some time, but then, "time" has almost always gotten in the way.

                  We wanted to try it in Dec., but decided that our one "open night" would be back to Michel's at the Colony Surf, due to chiding on this board. Azure WILL be in the mix, but will have to be "next time."

                  We also need to try the new chef/menu at La Mer, and then a few "old favs." that we just cannot pass on. One, AW's is especially on the list, as Chef Wong spent a week with us at Blackberry Farm in August, along with Dr. Ernst Loosen, the Mosel winemaker, and we needed to get there (only missed them on one trip in 25 years). Also, we were unable to get to Hawai`i for the Wine & Food Festival, and some of Chef Wong's folk thought that we would be there. They just assumed that we hop a jet every week, and fly off to dine. Well, that might be the case, but WHERE we fly to, is often set in stone, and Hawai`i was not in the mix then.

                  Even though Azure did not set you afire, it still sounded like a restaurant, that we must experience. Besides, who knows what the "new" La Mer will bring?

                  Mahalo, and aloha,


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Azure deserves to be in the mix, just not a top priority.

                      1. re: scottca075

                        Thank you both.

                        It took some years to work Michel's at the Colony Surf back into our mix, but we are going to get that done. Unfortunately, my lovely young wife could only give me so many nights on the trip, or we'd stick Azure in on the Dec. trip. Maybe next year?

                        Usually, we handicap ourselves, as we will plan another Island, and maybe lots of golf, so Honolulu might get only a very few nights. In Dec., it will be about relaxing and dining, with no golf, probably no events, or even museums (we've been fortunate enough to visit all of them) - just food!



                        1. re: Bill Hunt


                          I'm looking forward to your comments on Michel's when you get back. After our somewhat disappointing meal there, I was regretting not choosing Michel's instead. There haven't been many detailed reports here on Michel's in quite some time so your perspective will be much appreciated.

                          Have a great time!