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Sep 24, 2012 04:59 PM

Friday Night Dinner for 3 Downtown

Every year our former manager comes to town for 2 weeks to help out during vacation and we always take him to dinner.
Last year Po was suggested and it worked out well. Once we ate outside at the Bowery Hotel. It was pleasant, food ok.
We are at 1 St and 2nd Avenue and can go anywhere downtown.
We will probably want to go Friday, his last day with us.
We are very open to cuisine; we all like to eat and have broad tastes. I don't mean to be vague, but we're just looking for someplace with good food, nice atmosphere, and a place where you can talk, and where we can get a reservation for Friday night!
Thanks to everybody.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Yes, you're right, I will. I didn't because I wasn't limited to Restaurant Week choices this time, but you're right -- there are a lot of suggestions there. Thanks.

    2. You are right about being vague. No cuisine type, no price range etc But that leaves it open to suggest anything good. So here's a few: If you liked Po , I think you will like Da Andrea and maybe Da Silvano, Osteria Morini. Kittichai has a nice atmosphere ( located in SoHo) and a great bar in the hotel.
      Last suggestion Blue Ribbon Izakaya, located on Lower Eat Side so not far from where you will be. Great atmosphere, great food and drink.

      1. I love the food at Tipsy Parson, on 9th Avenue and 19th Street. Excellent food, lovely/funky decor and a really great atmosphere. I had the pork chop, which was heavenly, and my friends had the shrimp and grits,the arctic char and the duck. Make sure you get a side of grits with cheese -- to die for. When you are done with dinner, there is a very cool "speakeasy" type bar just down the street named Bathtub Gin. It's at 132 9th Avenue, just a few doors down from Tipsy Parson. You have to walk through a coffee shop to enter the speakeasy, and when you enter the bar, you are in a world from days gone by -- it looks like a real bordello. On certain Sunday evenings they have a burlesque show, and it is a real class act.
        I think for someone out of town, Tipsy Parson for dinner, and Bathtub Gin for an after dinner drink would be something rather special.