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Sep 24, 2012 04:41 PM

Quick trip report

We had a lovely but quick visit to NoLa this past weekend. Had a lovely time and ate very well.

Friday dinner: Herbsaint. Truly awesome. Great vibe and food with huge flavor.
Saturday breakfast: Red Gravy. Lovely and super casual. basically a nice diner. excellent food.
Saturday lunch: Bayona. Awesome. Lovely patio on a nice day, set 3 course lunch with huge flavor.
Saturday dinner: Iris. Nice place, good food. Need to amp up a notch on flavor... but after Herbsaint and Bayona, I could have been biased.
Saturday late dessert/coffee, back to Herbsaint. Oh. Yeah.
Sunday breakfast/brunch. Surrey's uptown. Great neighborhood place/vibe, with killer food and great coffee.

Major score all the way around as far as I was concerned. See you again!

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  1. Thank you, good to know! I am leaving for Nola on Friday.

    1. Thanks for the follow-up. It sounds like you had quite a good cross-section of cuisine, and I'm glad you liked Red Gravy; it'll be one of our first stops there next month.