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Sep 24, 2012 03:44 PM

Suggestion for moderate price yom kippur dinner local Los Angeles restaurant

Tired of cooking and looking for a place to dine with about 10 for a Tuesday night dinner celebrating Yom Kippur. I do not want to go to a temple but rather a good restaurant...Any suggestions?????

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  1. what is the dollar amount that you would like to spend?
    what part of town?

    if i were in your shoes i'd make reservations at FIG in santa monica.

    1. How about Koutoubia, in Westwood?

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        Consider Farmshop. They can arrange the tables so that everyone sits together. The food is excellent. You might even consider calling and asking what the Prix Fixe meal will be tomorrow tonight.

      2. Mezze. From J. Gold's review "They have quite a few Jewish-leaning dishes on their menu: a crudo of salmon with cream cheese and rye crisps that recalls lox and bagels; a version of the Israeli tomato-pepper stew shakshouka with sweetbreads and a yogurt foam; and "Grandma's" chopped chicken livers ( a great dish) with challah. Is what we're seeing exploded bubbe cuisine?".
        Wonderful food for the holiday.

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