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Sep 24, 2012 03:29 PM

Looking for Recommendations in Anchorage, AK

Hello, I will be in Anchorage this week for business, but I will also have some time to go to restaurants/cafes/etc. in the city (I will not be able to drive far).

It will be my first time in Anchorage and I would appreciate any recommendations on the best places to eat and drink while I'm there.

Thank you Chowhounders!

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  1. Simon & Seaforts downtown with a view of Cook Inlet is a must stop. Esp for seafood.

    1. oh and as far as drinking...or at least a place to get a drink...take a cab (short ride) to Chilkoot Charlies...about as much Alaska per sq ft as anyone could ever hope for. Often three different bands playing in different sections and just a lot of friendly folks. for something a little mellower but equally as alaskan check out "Darwin's Theory" right downtown. I lived in AK for 30+ years for what it's worth, and these are the places we go when we return. Have fun!

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        Great, thanks for both of those recommendations. I went to Humpy's for lunch and had their blackened salmon. Mine came out tender and moist, and the cajun seasoning on it added some nice spiciness. Our whole group had similar dishes and they also went down well.

        I will definitely try to check out both Simon & Seafort's and Charlie's--thanks!

      2. It's been a few years but we found S&S to have a good view but only ok food.

        Marx Brothers Cafe was superb. The head of the house had caught the salmon on the menu that morning. This place would be good anywhere; it's not just Anchorage-good.


        1. I was in Anchorage a couple of years ago and found Simon & Seaforts disappointing. The food was just ok, not bad, not great, and on the classic American, almost old school style where the menu is stuck in the 80s.

          There are a few restaurants along 4th street I think within walking distance from the hotels in the area, unfortunately I can't recall any of the names. Does anyone know if the brewery restaurant is still open? It served more modernized but casual cuisine and was totally packed with people. I really loved Anchorage and AK. Would love to return!!

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            So I returned from my trip. Thank you for the recommendations, even though I didn't get a chance to go to those places. I was only there for a couple of days and we had a bunch of events back-to-back, so I didn't get to go out as much as I liked.

            As I mentioned earlier in the thread, Humpy's was nice. A few people in my group wanted to go to Teriyaki Box for lunch, so I went along for the company. I had a spicy tuna roll, which was disappointing. It's a small bento and sushi cafe, but I would skip it next time.

            On our first morning, I had breakfast at the Snow City Cafe. All the frills of a basic diner, except the service comes with tattoos and thick-rimmed glasses. This place is apparently where Anchorage hipsters seek refuge. I had a reindeer omelette softly scrambled. It was done correctly, with hash browns on the side, and it was nice enough. There was nothing particularly memorable about it. Basic omelette with sausage. Of course, even a basic omelette is nice in the morning.

            Someone recommended a pepperoni-and-provolone croissant at CakeStudio. I'm not much of a pastry/croissant lover, but I could definitely enjoy a freshly baked, well-made croissant. The one I got, however, looked like it had either been baked the previous day or came from a wholesale package. The nice clerk at the register toasted it for me, but it just became greasy. I'm not looking for diet food, but I would still skip their savory fare if I return. It looked like they had a wide selection of sweets and small cakes, so that sounds like their specialty.

            For a quick bite over lunch, I got a reindeer dog from M&A's Gourmet Dogs (hot dog cart right in the downtown; apparently it's the most popular of Anchorage's hot dog carts). It was good enough, but there was nothing particularly memorable-- it tasted just like a regular kielbasa. Maybe I should have learned by now that reindeer tastes just like a standard beef/pork mix. My dog was topped with caramelized onions, so the sweetness was a good contrast to the fatty meat. The hot dog carts end their service this month but they reopen in the spring.

            The Pioneer Bar is another dive bar in the downtown and a local favorite. I stopped by there in the evening with some friends. Like many bars in Anchorage, the food and drink is beer. They have a standard liquor selection along the wall, but when I asked the bartender for a good recommendation with rum, he looked frustrated. It wasn't particularly busy, but he was the only one tending bar and completely lost in the weeds. I ordered a whiskey soda instead.

            If I get the chance to go back to Anchorage soon, and if I have more time, I will try out some of the spendier places. I didn't go to as many places I would have liked to, but so far Humpy's looks like a go-to spot in a pinch.