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Sep 24, 2012 03:16 PM

Where are all the Malaysian restaurants?

Haven't been out to eat nearly as often after having a kid, but I thought there used to be several Malaysian restaurants around Boston besides the Chinatown Penang. Are there still any? Hubby craving otak-otak (also spelled otah sometimes?).

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  1. I thought Bubor Cha Cha had some Malaysian dishes when it debuted, but somebody (maybe here?) told me they've since dropped those.

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          1. re: somervilleoldtimer

            I know. I still long for more Malaysian options.

        1. re: Prav

          Now I remember: it *was* you, Prav, but it was on Facebook, wasn't it?

          1. re: Prav

            Bubor did a bang-up job on a handful of dishes, better than Penang for some of these.

            Island Hopper was also pretty good for a few tricks but their lease is up and they're on the hunt for space.

            And then there was one.

            1. re: Prav

              I just looked at the menu in the window last week. No Malayasian.

              1. re: bear

                I thought the very reason for being of Bubor Cha Cha was to serve Malaysian food. Now their Web site claims it's Cantonese. Another change in ownership without a change in the English name? I have to admit, I'd like to have a good Cantonese option in Chinatown.

                1. re: KWagle

                  Best Little Restaurant and Great Taste are good Cantonese options.

          2. I have come across variations of Otak otak in other South East Asian restaurants, mostly Thai or Cambodian, like Amok royale entree at Elephant Walk. A couple of months ago i tried a similar version at Rod Dee at Porter Square but found it to be a pallid version.

            1. God, I wish. I would give a variety of limbs for a reliable source of good, spicy, curry-heavy laksa (a.k.a. curry mee - not Assam laksa). Penang and Newton's No. 1 Noodle House are both pretty weak, though No. 1 is the better of the two. It's such an amazing winter warmer food; I don't know why more places haven't given it a proper try.

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              1. re: TimTamGirl

                IF you are ever heading out to San Fran, the laksa is among our fav dishes at Beetlenut.

              2. Etsogo in Lowell advertises some Malaysian dishes. I've had the Beef Rendang, which was pretty good.


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                1. re: Dinsdale45

                  Ah, I see 'curry noodle soup' on the menu, which I suspect might be my beloved laksa/curry mee! Has anyone tried it there?

                2. No. 1 Noodle House in Newton has laksa and Nasi Goreng on the menu. But I do agree --- Singaporean/Malaysian food is delicious, and I wish we had more options around here. Penang is okay, but I didn't think Bubor Cha Cha's food was very good, except for some desserts which were excellent.

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                  1. re: lipoff

                    I wish we had Indonesian, sometimes I make it at home, but whoa it's a lot of work.

                    1. re: tatsu

                      There used to be an Indonesian place in the Super 88 Food Court (where the Smile Thai Cafe kiosk is now). I think it was originally called Jakarta Corner and was quite interesting, and then changed owners and changed names to Bali Kitchen and it wasn't very good.

                    2. re: lipoff

                      I've had No. 1's laksa, and it tasted really thin - and I do mean *tasted*. The consistency was fine, but there was no curry depth to the flavour. Disappointing.