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Sep 24, 2012 02:18 PM

Three days in Boston

Looking forward to winding up our New England fall foliage trip with three days in Boston. Will do the Freedom Trail along with the hop on hop off bus tour. Staying in the Beacon Hill area and seeking advice on restaurants that are in that area, little italy and within walking distance of our hotel. We love italian, seafood and generally all types of food. Have always received wonderful recommendations from Chowhound and look forward to receiving your recommendations. We just don't want to get home and be told about some fabulous place that we missed.

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    1. What hotel are you staying at?

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      1. re: BBHound

        We currently are booked for the Holiday Inn at Beacon Hill

      2. Price point?

        Where are you visiting from?

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          Prefer to keep price to $50 to $70 excluding drinks for our evening meal. We are from Oklahoma so steaks are not high on priority list.

        2. Little Italy is referred to as the north end. If you can walk around the area to see what appeals to you. The places on salem street are less busy but still good. LoConte is a fav of mine.

          1. cjml, welcome in advance! word is that foliage may be early this yr, but ya nevah know!
            Hope you may find this useful; it does divide Boston into areas, and includes Beacon Hill and the North End. There have been a number of recent threads on Italian and Beacon Hill and on the North End,so if you enter those search terms in the upper right corner of this pg>>search box, alot will come up for you.


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              We are ending our trip in Boston after 10 days in Vermont, New Hampshire and Cape Cod. Very excited to do this trip. Really appreciate all the great suggestions on Chowhound.

              1. re: cjml

                The holiday inn is very nice. You're as close to the north end as you are Charles street, where most of the beacon hill rests are. Ristorante Toscano is one to check out on Charles street.
                You're minutes from Faneuil hall so check out their food court for lunch and sit upstairs.

                1. re: cjml

                  cj, If you only have 3 days here, I really hope you don't eat a meal at the Quincy Market 'food hall.' O.K. for a snack or ice cream, but much better choices at nearby restnts (mentioned in the linked Guide, incl Sultan's Kitchen, Neptune Oyster and Regina's Pizzeria (only the one in the N. End).

                  I saw your No.New Board Eng post; If, on it, you will mention the towns where you are staying over, other CHs and I can more easily rattle off suggestions. I made a few recs, but holding off more recs til hear from you.

                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                    Thank you so very much for offering additional advice. Our first night we are only driving as far as Portsmouth and on to North Conway for two nights. Then on to Smugglers Notch Resort for four nights. We will be making day trips to Stowe and Woodstock. Would you have other recommendations for day trips? Then we are going to Plymouth and on to Yarmouth before heading into Boston. You help is greatly appreciated since this is a first trip for all of us to your wonderful city.

                    1. re: cjml

                      cj, you are going to have SUCH a great trip! When are you arriving? How many are in your group? Any teenagers or young kids? I ask because it can influence restnts CHs might recommend for you.

                      As I think you have found out, NH and VT will need to be discussed on the No. New England Board; Plymouth on the Boston board, and Yarmouth on the So. New Eng Board. I have alrdy posted some ideas on your No.New Eng thread as have others. I'll post more there too .

                      I'll address Plymouth here. We were in Plymouth last month, linked below, and really enjoyed the food at The Blue Eyed Crab, open both Lu and Dinn. Actually, all 4 of us liked it so much that , since we have so much Italian and straight unadorned seafood places up here, when we return to Plymouth, we will just return to BECrab. Pretty big menu for such a small place. DO make reservations (you can always change them.)



                      Both Plymouth Plantation and the Mayflower recreation are fascinating things to do . Again, DO give yourself enough time at PP; easily a day's worth to take in.

                      I would strongly suggest , because this is the very height of our tourist time, that if you can schedule yourselves in Boston for the wkend and other tourist hot spots during weekdays- you will find yourself less crowded- for everything. Restaurant reservations included. Who likes to have to compete for a table when you're hungry and on vacation, right? And Boston has alot more great food choices than these other towns, so if one Boston restnt is booked, it will still be possible to find some other good choices.

                      Also, if you reserve through Open Table (free website reservations 24/7), remember that they may show a restnt booked at a certain time but the restnt could still have tables that they keep for their own direct booking, so worth it to call the restnt.


                      I really hope you will be able to experience, in the North End, Regina's Pizzeria and Neptune Oyster and Modern Pastry while you are here (and The Daily Catch and Prezza, the former less expensive and the latter v, expensive, also get alot of CH raves.)

                      p.s. i hadn't seen your most recent post about departing Tues. the 16th. If you are in Boston Sun and Mon, you'll want to use Open Table as a convenient tool -at least to tell you if certain restnts are closed Sun or Mon.

                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        We are very excited about our trip. No kids just adults so that makes life simple on this trip. Love your recommendations. Already use opentable and will continue to depend upon it. Thanks