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Sep 24, 2012 02:18 PM

Edmonton 1st Izakaya Opening soon.... :)

Waiting to try out .. Look forward to their Curry Udon

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  1. Never having tried any of the various "GUU incarnations" while visiting Vancouver I look forward to trying this one here.

    The drink list is quite impressive...the beer rivals most of what is currently available in town.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Looking forward to it too. The only Izakaya experience I have had is two of the Guu in YVR and one of the ones in Toronto. Great food, hopefully Tomo will be similar.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Yay..look like they are going to open this December. The picture of the foods look great from their menu.

        1. re: bubblepuffer

          Thanks for the heads up! I eat in that area quite a bit so it'll be great to try out a new place.

      2. I'm excited we're getting one, but I thought we had an izakaya style place in the west end somewhere? Or was that just a rumor?

        1. For anyone else interested in this place, a friend and I ate at Izakaya a week ago. The interior's all gorgeous, dark hardwood. Very nifty. The serving staff were pleasant and helpful. I wasn't drinking, but they seemed to have a pretty substantial beer and wine menu on hand.

          More importantly, the food was great - fresh, delicious, with a few dishes that aren't on the "typical" Japanese restaurant in Edmonton (I've only seen pork belly available as a dish on its own at Nomiya, and only as a side order for their ramen.) I actually definitely recommend the Simmered Pork Belly. Really fresh, mouth-melting tuna sashimi as well. And you may as well cave in and go for the crispy chicken skin.

          My dining companion and I had 7 dishes and green tea between us (not sure if they charged for the tea or not) that came out to around 45, and we left feeling just full enough. My friend believes it's the best Japanese he's had in Edmonton. I'd have to go back a few times to be sure myself (and I definitely want to go back), but it's pretty close already.

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          1. re: Sylv F

            Thanks for the feedback! Can't wait to try it.

            1. re: impulsively

              I hope you like it! I've taken a few more friends to it since then and everyone loved the quality enough to want to go back. (They were also pleasantly surprised by the price considering how much our group of 5 ate... so stuffed...)