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Sep 24, 2012 01:26 PM

Weck rolls - where can I get 'em?

Hey, hounds. Can anyone recommend a good bakery that makes kummelweck rolls? Union County would be great but I'm open to travel. Thanks!

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  1. They used to be available at Wegmans in Manalapan. I know that it isn't near Union County, but maybe a Wegmans in that area carries them.

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    1. re: drubenero

      I've had good luck making baguettes with caraway and salt, crusty and good, I'm also trying to perfect the NJ hard rolls - then I'll combine the two. Great that Wegmans has them here (I used to live in Rochester)!

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    2. Just wondering, do you mean "Weck" rolls as in beef on weck in upstate NY? Utica, Buffalo, places like that? If so, I can only say that my best NJ roll experience for that type of wet roast beef with gravy sandwich (like a french dip) has been to use the Portugese rolls that are carried by most super markets and bakeries throughout the state. I liev in central NJ, so I don't know what's available up in Bergen. However, given the Portugese presence in Newark, I would guess you might find good rolls there, that stand up to the gravy, and that have a real crust that doesn't just dissolve when you pick it up.
      I've also found that Ciabatta rolls are more than acceptable for this tyoe of sandwich.

      Cheers, good hunting,


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      1. re: mchametzky

        But a kummelweck roll has salt and caraway seeds on it. How does a Portuguese roll or ciabatta substitue for that?

        1. re: ttoommyy

          Don't know; don't think I suggested it did. That's why I tried to be careful in my post. If the point was to find an aceptable roll for a wet roast beef sandwich in NJ, those were my suggestions.

          If the OP was looking for a "Beef on Weck", a la Utica, NY, I believe I said that these 2 suggestions for rolls were the best I could offer. Did not say they were the same thing, just a reasonable substitute.

          If you have located a place in Jersey with the type of 'weck" roll that one gets in upstate NY bars, please share.



          1. re: mchametzky

            I get all that. But the OP flat out asked "Can anyone recommend a good bakery that makes kummelweck rolls?" I was hoping to find out more info as I would love to be able to find some of those rolls here in NJ myself. That's all. Thanks.

            Edited: mchametzky, I just reread this exchange and I see how I may have come off as sounding critical. It was not my intention and I apologize if I did. My initial response to you was serious as I would love to try a kummelweck roll after having heard about them for so long and I thought your suggestions were somehow similar. Once again, I apologize if I came off snarky.

      2. you should be able to order them from any Wegman's. Bridgewater location might work for you

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        1. re: ribock

          Thanks for the replies, everyone. Not sure I want to go the ciabatta or portugese roll route, even though they're 2 of my favorite sandwich choices. Really got a hankerin' for the salt/caraway flavor, so I'll give Wegman's a shot - the Bridgewater store isn't far from my job. In the meantime I'll keep my eyes and ears open for other places to get these rolls and report back in, as it seems I've created some interest.

        2. I don't know if you ever found then since this thread is two years old, but I happened to run across them just this past Friday at Kings Supermarket. (I was at the one in Mendham) It made a wonderful roll for the home roasted sliced turkey sandwich I had for lunch.

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          1. re: PuniceaRana

            Wowee! Are they labelled "k├╝mmelweck" or something else?

            1. re: mcsheridan

              Actually they were in a bin in the bakery dept and were unlabeled, I simply recognized them, (this version was square and either whole grain or whole wheat, not sure which, It was light on the salt - something I appreciated). I was told they carry them "all the time" I would think other Kings would have them as well, or you could ask the bakery mgr of your local store to stock them.

              1. re: PuniceaRana

                Thanks. I'll check out my local, and if necessary, tool on down to Mendham.

          2. You might try Heidi's Bakery in Ridgewood. They are a german bakery and their number is (201) 857-0700.