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Sep 24, 2012 01:09 PM

Cheesecake Factory changed their French toast on the brunch menu?

My wife and I have been to brunch at Cheesecake Factory several times (yes, I know it is not gourmet food) and always enjoyed their French Toast Napoleon, which was 3 large pieces of what I believe was brioche french toast with strawberries and "Chantilly cream" (basically a thin drizzle of whipped cream) and a few pecans. It was easily enough for the two of us to share. Went back a couple of weeks ago and it was changed. Now it was made from French bread and it was 4 slices that were nowhere near as large as you got before and we weren't really full after sharing it. I noticed there was a new French toast item on the menu for $3 less which I now realize is the same thing as the Napoleon but without the strawberries and cream. If we do French toast again, we'll probably just do that and get something else in addition.

BTW here is a picture of what it used to be:

The new one looks kind of like this (but it is not from CF; I just realized I have a photo on my phone that I should post):

Amusingly (or maybe not), I found it listed on someone's list of the worst breakfasts you can order at a restaurant, in terms of unhealthiness. Maybe that is why they changed it.

Has anyone else noticed this? Did anything else change on the brunch menu? is there anything on the brunch menu that's still really good and enough for 2 to share?

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  1. Personally I find their portions all huge enough to share!

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      Their brunch portions are not as huge as their normal entrees, but we'd always found this dish was more than enough for the two of us. As I said, with the new bread that they're using, it wasn't.

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        Well regardless, the picture of the old french toast looks delish. Personally french bread french toast isn't my first choice regardless of portion size but that's just me. Did you ask if they changed it for good or if they were just out of the brioche and improvising?

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          That's right, the old French toast was excellent. The new one is not. I finally got the photo off my phone, it is attached here. I initially thought that maybe they were out of the normal bread so they substituted it. But I checked the menu and sure enough the description had changed. I had noticed that they had added an additional French toast without the strawberries and cream, but did not notice they the change in the other one when I initially looked.

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            I found a posting on CF's Facebook page with the "official" picture of the old dish.

      2. Funny, when I was there a week or so ago our server mentioned that they had changed the French toast and she said it was actually good now LOL. I've never eaten it.

        1. The old version had 1696 calories and 51 grams of saturated fat. With more places passing laws requiring chains to tell people what they are eating, It's not surprising that CF might tone down their numbers a bit. I know I wouldn't want to eat more calories than I'd get in *three* Big Macs.

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            Yeah, I guess it wasn't very healthy. Of course, my wife and I used to share it.

          2. We were there this weekend and had the lemon ricotta pancakes instead. They were very good and much healthier.