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Sep 24, 2012 01:05 PM

Best pancakes?

Going to a conference at the M resort and spa in October. I like to search out the best pancakes, as I have quite a sweet tooth in the morning. I will have a car. Suggestions please!

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  1. Original Pancake House. Only one location remains in the Vegas valley, Fort Apache at the 215. By far the best around. I dare you to try the Apple Pancake to sooth that sweet tooth. Take extra insulin with you.
    Any of the Blueberry Hill locations are good.
    Black Bear Diner at Jones and Tropicana does them well.

    Best I ever had was a dive up in Mesquite, but you don't want a two hour drive, each way, just for breakfast.

    Just in case French Toast will take care of that morning jones, The Bar, on St. Rose, about a mile east of The M makes a Bananas Foster French Toast with Applewood smoked bacon that is wonderful. Cheap and close to you.

    1. With all due respect, I feel Du-par's pancakes, located in the Golden Gate hotel/casino downtown are heads and tails above Original Pancake House pancakes.

      1. The best ones I've had, hands down, were from Du-Par's at Golden Gate downtown. They're about twice as thick as garden-variety pancakes, as fluffy as a brand-new pillow, and doused with melted butter so you don't have to deal with scraping a cold scoop of butter across them. Two of them will make a nice meal, especially paired with some bacon or sausage. A stack of three is recommended only if you have the appetite of a lumberjack or ogre.

        PS: The time I went, I was at the end of the counter across from the coffee machine. Everyone who grabbed the coffee pot to refill their section just instinctively filled my cup on the way in or out. By the end of the meal, I consumed enough coffee that I could almost see into the future.

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          Another contender for best pancakes is BabyStacks Cafe - 2 area locations. Both the red velvet and banana cream pie pancakes are excellent. Avoid Sundays or plan on waiting in line for 30 minutes for a table.

          1. re: westie

            I was disappointed in the carrot cake pancakes but I was thrilled that my son would not eat his peanut butter banana ones - they were delicious.