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Sep 24, 2012 11:02 AM

Kosher shopping in Wilmington DE

Has anyone been to the ShopRite on 202 across from the mall recently? Is it true they now have a "Kosher Experiance" similar to the Cherry Hill (Race track area) store? Any comments - please:)


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  1. My sister works in the area, and I'm pretty sure she's mentioned this Kosher Experience to me (her office has ordered her a couple of takeout meals from there for work functions). I have no idea if/how it resembles the Kosher Experience in Cherry Hill.

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    1. re: GilaB

      Has she liked the meals? Were they any good?

      1. re: ThePrettypoodle

        It's very small with a limited meat selection. Nothing like CH.

        1. re: joaniesl

          Thanks I guess. Limited meat isnt a biggie to me, when I lived in Wilmington, I didnt even buy meat except for an occasional package of cold cuts.It was a case of ecconomics and the fact that I am not a big fan of the stuff. I guess I will go back to my fav Acme then or to Baltimore. Bummer.

        2. re: ThePrettypoodle

          I'm the aforementioned sister. They have a deli counter with a catering menu (basic, but serviceable), and I've had some prepared foods (stuffed cabbage, brisket) that were pretty good. They had packaged baked goods and a solid kosher cheese section. I haven't explored thoroughly enough to say this definitively, but I didn't see anything further.

          1. re: Zahava424

            A deli counter would have been a blessing back when I lived on the other side of 202, but now it is not enough for a trip to tax free DE:( Thanks so much for the information!