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Sep 24, 2012 09:38 AM

Columbus, Ohio - suggestions for Tgiving dinner, need to accommodate vegan relative, please help!

This will be the first Thanksgiving our family has ever gone to a restaurant for the holiday. Looking for first-class, white tablecloth restaurant, doesn't have to be buffet. Already tried the Granville Inn and the Worthington Inn, they don't have any accommodations for vegan nephew, and I refuse to leave him at home or not have him eat with us. Don't mind spending $35/pp but for that price want all of us to be fed. OR, allow me to bring some food for him. The rest of us are carnivores looking for the usual turkey and sides. We would be willing to travel up to an hour or so outside Columbus for somewhere very nice. Any suggestions?

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  1. Diane, I think Latitude 41 did a Thanksgiving dinner last year. Also, the Liz Lessner restaurants tend to be open on holidays (Jury Room, Tip Top, etc.) Northstar? The Refectory? G. Michael's? Barcelona? I have eaten on Thanksgiving Day the past two years at McCormick and Schmick's in Cincinnati, so I bet the one in Easton would be open as well (and we've had great food, although I don't know about vegan options there). I'll keep thinking.

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      Had a great meal on Thanksgiving at McComick and Schmidts in Easton 2 years ago. They had a Thanksgiving special, and their regular menu. Not sure of the vegan options. I have to say the staff was amazing, and we were able to bring leftovers back to the hotel, where we had a small kitchen. Looking for a place this year, and will probably end up there again.
      It is pricey.