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Sep 24, 2012 09:26 AM

Anniversary brunch in DC?

Instead of a fancy dinner out, we're going to try something different this year...upscale brunch followed by a day at the zoo (or museums if the weather is bad). I went ahead and made reservations at Masa 14 but I'm also looking at Arcadiana. Anyone have any strong feelings either way? Or know of something I'm missing? We were originally thinking of The Source for dim sum. but that's only on Saturday...

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      1. re: Doh

        Any reason in particular (food? service?) why you prefer those brunches to Masa 14? I've been there once for dinner (Christmas Eve) and thought it was great, but the place was empty, and I know it's usually packed.

        1. re: JoanArkham

          To be honest, I haven't tried brunch at Masa 14 (menu not breakfast-y enough for us) or Acadiana (not a huge fan generally). I didn't mean my post as a statement that those places were better than Masa 14-- I was just offering some places that do a nice brunch.

    1. Both brunches are delicious---and have very different vibes. The Masa 14 brunch is where I go with my girl friends when we want to eat and drink a ton and have a lot of fun (and possibly get a little loud). Their brunch is a pre-fix all you can eat and drink so that is what most of the crowd is doing there. You can also order a la carte.

      Acadiana is much more subdued, although quite lovely, vibe. Their brunch is excellent---perhaps one of the best in town.

      Another place you might consider is The Source for their dim sum brunch. It's very different (not your usual eggs and pancakes) but really delicious and special.

      1. I've gone to lunch at the Source several times and dim sum brunch or not, it is still exceptional.

        1. We stuck with Masa 14, and had a great time. The home fries were a bit too salty, and they couldn't find my Open table reservation, but otherwise no complaints. Surprisingly good service for early on a Sunday, too!