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Sep 24, 2012 08:18 AM

Take out or delivery near Brown Convention Center

Where would recommend for take out or delivery near the convention center for dinner? I am willing to walk 1/2 - 1 mile each way to pick it up as long as it is fairly safe. Could be a restaurant that I can call ahead and walk to pick up a meal or preferably delivery. Nothing fried or pizza. Thank you.

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  1. Not my part of town and I don't know about delivery at all, but you might look into Houston Pavilions which is close to the Brown and home to several restaurants. Also, Phoenicia Specialty Foods is very close. I would post links, but my intertrons are very slow today.

    Also, look into Take-Out Taxi which uses cabs to deliver from a wide variety of restaurants, but have pretty high minimums, I think. I've never used them but they've been around a while.

    Hope you enjoy your visit.

    1. Kim Son is nearby on Jefferson Avenue and they deliver. Good food too, Vietnamese and Chinese. Massive menu:

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        Cafe TH or Hyunh are both short walks across the freeway for vietnamese. Calliope Po-Boy's is also pretty close and good for po boys and gumbo. Downtown is mostly a wasteland, but walking you could walk to Market Square and eat at the Niko Niko's there.

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          I second Calliope's, but Market Square is quite a hike from the GRB. There are some restaurants around Discovery Green.

          Oops, Calliope's is mostly fried. The hotel should have reasonable cabs to Kim Son, and I wouldn't be surprised if they deliver. Great call Lambowner.

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          Long day at work, and I see your posts make my later ones superflous.

        3. Okay, super nice guy that I am, I called Kim Son and they deliver to George Brown area hotels. Check out Lambowner's or my previous posts for menu.

          1. I second DoobieWah's recommendation of Phoenicia. Lots of delicious and healthy things for take-out there. If you don't want to walk, chances are your hotel's courtesy shuttle would drop you and pick you back up. If you have time, they have a nice little eat-in area, and a wine bar.

            If youare here for a few days, they also have lots of nice little things that you could take back to your room for later.

            1. Thank you for the great recommendations! I look forward to trying Kim Son and Phoenicia.

              Are there any restaurants you would recommend walking to get a meal to go. In other cities, I have walked to a local restaurant and gotten a meal to go. I can also take a short cab ride if there is a place that is not to be missed. Thanks again!

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                Here is a list of restaurants in the Houston Pavilions:


                It's a short walk from the Brown Center.

                I have eaten at Guadalajara, (different location), McCormick & Schmicks, Mia Bella and Yao.

                I am sure you can get take out from any of them. I have been wanting to try the tapas place, but haven't been able to get in when I've been down there for events, (usually concerts or bball at Toyota Center).

                Be sure to let us know where you wind up and your impressions.

                (Especially if you want to warn me away from the tapas place!)